2 charts that show employment is picking up in Australia's mining states and territories

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Now here are a couple of charts that suggests economic conditions are picking up in Australia’s mining states and territories.

Posted by Alex Joiner, chief economist at IFM Investors, on Twitter earlier today, they suggest stronger commodity prices have now started to filter through to labour market conditions in Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The first shows that annual employment growth in mining states and territories is now growing at a faster pace than other parts of the country for the first time since mid-2014.

Source: Twitter

Quite the rebound, right? Much like the move in commodity prices since the beginning of last year.

And, as the second chart reveals, stronger hiring levels have led to a decline in unemployment in the locations, too.

Source: Twitter

The charts from Joiner fit with recent jobs data from Seek and vacancy figures released by Australia’s Department of Employment revealing a strong pickup in demand for mining sector workers.

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