At New York Startup 1stdibs Employees Eat Catered, White-Table Cloth Lunches

1stdibs, working

After selling DoubleClick to Google for $3 billion, David Rosenblatt could have ridden board seats and startup investments off into the sunset, never working again.

Instead, Rosenblatt is now the CEO of a New York-based startup called 1stdibs.

1stdibs is an online antiques marketplace. In 2012, 1stdibs dealers sold $650 million worth of merchandise, with transactions averaging around $2,000.

Rosenblatt stepped in for founder Michael Bruno, who ran the company for 10 years before taking a $60 million investment from Benchmark in 2011 and bringing in his own replacement.

Rosenblatt hired up, took another round of funding, and he says 1stdibs traffic is up 200% over last year.

1stdibs sells fancy goods, and it’s a pretty fancy place to work, too.

Every Wednesday, the company serves employees a catered white table cloth lunch.

A couple weeks ago, we stopped by during lunch and took a tour of the office.

The office is furnished with lots of unique, high-end furniture.

It gives the space a lot more personality and style than your average office.

The site is a carefully curated marketplace. These are the curators.

This is Julia Stein. She's been with the company for 1 year and 9 months.

Like all of the furniture in the office, this bookcase was carefully selected for the space. It was purchased from a dealer many years ago.

Part of what makes the space feel less like an office and more like swanky Manhattan apartment, are the curtains on the windows.

It makes for a pleasant environment for employees like Clair Watson. She's a fashion director who's been with the company 5 years.

... and for Ben Tider, Director of Audience Development and Analytics and Jill Chernin, Senior Manager, Retention Marketing, to have a quick chat. 1 month.

Table lamps replace the usual harsh fluorescent lights found in most offices.

Just about everyone has one.

The staff also enjoys a huge lunch spread every Wednesday.

Other items from the site decorate the space, like this cool vintage bike.

Common spaces feel more like a living room than an office.

Unique vintage furniture adds colour and style.

CEO David Rosenblatt's office is particularly slick.

He joined the company in 2011.

His desk was originally for sale on the site, but eventually became part of the office decor. It was re-finished and laquered bright red.

Other cool furniture fills the conference rooms. Like this mid-century, modern oak table.

Each has a different feel.

This large room is where the engineering team sits.

It's got a giant chess board in the corner.

With Star Wars chess pieces.

Unique art work is spread throughout the office.

This piece was made from old Art Forum magazines.

And this one was done by Sally Bruno, founder Michael Bruno's sister.

We steal a glimpse of another one as we head out the door.

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