America's Deadliest Infantry Division Show's Off Everyday Life On Instagram

Marine Division Instagram Images

Boy was I amazed when I saw the Marine Corps’ deadliest division had an instagram account.

(We didn’t have no instagram in the old Corps.)

Even more surprising was that not all the photos were of training events. It’s easy to miss the forest for the trees in that case — all that shooting and scooting makes for easiest photo-ops.

Instead, here you’ll get a chance to see a bit of every day life for America’s Marine infantry.

Sports teams around Camp Pendelton's Southern California region regularly honour the Marines.

This would actually be considered part of earning the paycheck for Marines, who adhere to somewhat strict body composition and fitness standards.

A small outpost beneath the SoCal sun: Marines can sweep out an area, set up security, and deploy bases like this in a matter of hours.

Training with a full combat load (180 rounds, flak and ballistic plates) occurs all over Pendleton's deserts and hills.

And sometimes on Fridays, Marines will get to do their physical training on the courts.

The pistol range ... harder than you think.

Ohp, communications guys need to set up a satellite ... careful not to step in front of that beam!

Mechanics can generally be picked out by their coveralls. Marines can be picked out by their bad haircuts.

This is what the Navy's hovercraft looks like. It carries Marines, vehicles and weapons over the water, then over the beach.

Humvees come with all sorts of different turrets, from guided missiles to machine guns.

There's a very distinctive sound to the 50 calibre machine gun. The sound of America's enemies running can't be heard over it.

This is what it looks like if you're a coastal country that's gotten on the bad side of the Marines.

Here Marine snipers focus on dime-sized targets placed several yards from their positions.

Marines regularly engage with retired vets on base during outreach programs.

Here a group of young Devil Dogs listen to one of the few remaining World War II Native American code talkers.

The 1st Marine Division Headquarters. Can you guess the astronomical star formation that is?

Dogtags of all the warriors lost in Afghanistan.

Every year the oldest and youngest Marines in the room eat the first pieces of Marine Corps birthday cake.

Formation is a part of life. Regardless, it's no fun standing in them for hours on end while one Marine or another gives a speech.

Running in full gear. Yesss!

Marines take marksmanship seriously at all levels. Every Marine qualifies, every year — aside from unit training events.

And this is just practice. (Generally) Marines will practice pulling the trigger and visualising a bullseye for at least a week prior to even firing their weapons for qual.

Pendleton is a beautiful piece of property, and actually doubles as a wildlife preserve, housing a decent handful of America's remaining Buffalo.

Oh god ... another formation, putting some pain in those feet and knees.

Really not what you want to see if you're a dictator.

And we can't forget about the fabled Marine Corps silent drill team. Executing precise movements, synchronised, without a sound (but rifle striking flesh).

On any given day, on your ride to work, you can see Marine Recon at work, fast roping onto some imaginary target.

We can't forget about live-fire exercises. The only time Marines stop firing is if they see wild life ... or a fire.

Finally the sight of this ceremonial flag is almost as common as ...

... the sight of valor award ceremonies.

You've seen enough from the Marines ...

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