Popular Password Manager 1Password Now Lets You Use Your Fingerprint To Log Into Apps

1Password is the best password management app out there, and its new version is even better thanks to Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 8.

Acting like a digital wallet, 1Password stores your personal passwords, login details, and credit card information safely away, and it helps you easily generate super-strong, unique passwords too.

But the best part of 1Password is how it speeds up the browsing experience.

With iOS 8’s new app extensions feature, 1Password can now log in and fill in your passwords to apps and online forms with just one tap; no app hopping required like before.

Say you pull up Facebook. Instead of filling out your username and password, you’re now able to swipe up, choose the 1Password app extension, select your Facebook details, and 1Password will fill in the rest.

1Password for iOS 8 screenshot 2AgileBitsJust select the 1Password extension and login using your fingerprint.

The feature works with Safari, too, and integration with the iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor means grabbing your login details has never been faster. You can unlock 1Password with your fingerprint, which will bring up your vault of passwords and login details. With a single tap, you can select which details for 1Password to fill in, and you’re done.

Here’s how it looks in practice, logging into Foodler, a Food delivery app for local restaurants.

1Password for iOS 8 is also the app’s first move to a freemium model, meaning you can try out the app for free. The free version still lets you do quite a bit: You can create and edit logins, credit cards, identities, and secure notes, and it will even sync up with 1Password for Mac, Windows, and Android if you’re using another version.

If you’ve already purchased a previous version of 1Password for iOS, the iOS 8 version will be a free upgrade, and since you paid last time, you’ll immediately get all of the Pro features for free. Freemium users can always choose to upgrade to Pro for $US9.99 from within the app, but it’s not required.

It’s important to note that you’ll have to upgrade to iOS 8 in order to use the newest version of 1Password, since that’s the only way you’ll have access to app extensions.

It will be worth it though, and with over 100 developers already looking to integrate 1Password’s extension, you’ll soon find yourself wondering how you manually typed in your info all the time.

1Password isn’t the only password management application leveraging Touch ID in iOS 8: LastPass, which is a popular password application for Safari and iOS devices, will also be Touch ID-enabled in iOS 8. Several other password-related programs are also expected to leverage the new open API for Touch ID as well.

You can download the new version of 1Password right here.

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