Soon Enough, IPhone Owners Won't Have To Worry About Forgetting Their Passwords Ever Again

When iOS 8 debuts this fall, iPhone owners can rest assured that logging into apps and websites will be easier than ever before.

Password management platform 1Password just previewed how its system will work with iOS apps in the near future. We also got a sneak peek at 1Password for iOS 8 earlier this month thanks to some beta testers.

At WWDC, Apple announced that developers will be able to add extensions to their iPhone and iPad apps, which will allow apps to communicate with one another in a secure way.

At the same time, Apple also announced it’s allowing third-party apps to integrate with its TouchID fingerprint sensor.

AgileBits, the creator behind 1Password, is taking advantage of both of these additions with its password management app. For 1Password users, this means you’ll be able to fill in your passwords without having to leave the app you’re currently using.

AgileBits also says its app will also work with TouchID, so you won’t even need to type to enter your passwords.

Here’s a quick look at how it will work:

Apple’s next major mobile software update, iOS 8, is likely to arrive in September. Besides tighter app integration, we can expect to see Apple’s new Health app among other helpful additions.

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