CIA Document Reveals What The Agency Thinks Beijing Would Do In Response To An Arms Sale To Taiwan

Lately the subject of US arm sales to Taiwan has re-emerged, only to Anger leaders in Beijing. This is an old story that keeps brewing up from time to time — so old in fact that in 1992 the CIA drew up a document on this very subject.

Via our friends at TheBack9 we see the CIA’s “The Impact on Beijing of US Reconsideration of F-16 Sales to Taiwan.”

The document details a scenario of selling multiple F-16 jet fighters to Taiwan despite Chinese resistance. The good stuff comes on Page 4 of the document, in which we find out how China might retaliate from an arms sale.

One thing you don’t see mentioned: Any kind of massive treasury dumping. Of course, this was in 1992.

1992 CIA document Page 4

The entire document is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.


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