This rare 1957 Porsche Spyder is up for sale for $6.2 million


This immaculate, fully restored 1957 Porsche 550A Spyder is up for private sale for $6.2 million.

It’s a piece of racing history, and is one of only 40 ever produced.

Porsche historian and seller Andrew Hosking is selling the Spyder on behalf of the owner who is in Monaco, and says it’s a very rare find.

“It had a body-off restoration, which means the whole body was actually rebuilt, the panels are new. It’s a matching car, so that means your engine, transmission and all your identification are all original which is pretty rare these days,” he says.


“These cars were raced extensively and the engines blew all the time.

“So they used to just get rid of the engine and get another, different engine in, sometimes from a Porsche model 356 or something similar.”

It comes with strong documented racing history and provenance. With a reputation in the racing circuit as a “giant killer”, the car was first raced in Denmark by Preben Andersen, who owned the country’s first established racing team.


It was then transported to Africa where American female rally driver, Lucille Cardwell, drove it to win a 1960 championship.

From then until now, it passed through the hands of various owners and dealers, before being purchased by its current owner in 2011.

Since it was then unfit for further racing, the owner started restorations in 2012, which took four years to take it to Porsche factory standards and specifications.


It’s described as being in “full concours condition”, which means that it’s been restored accurately and as close to the way the original creator intended as possible.

For its age, it still packs a big punch. It can hit 100km/h in 7.2 seconds and has a maximum speed of 240km/h with an original quad-cam engine and transmission.

Porsche historian and seller Andrew Hosking has more details here.

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