19 Strange Ways Apple Fans Express Themselves

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Apple fans express themselves in some interesting ways.Some simply buy lots of Apple products. Others decorate their bodies with them, build shrines devoted to them, or turn them into works of art.

To celebrate Apple earnings today, we found some very strange displays of Apple fanhood.

They get tattoos of Steve Jobs quotes.

They make Steve Jobs out of Apples.

They tattoo Steve Jobs on their bodies.

They shave Steve Jobs into their heads.

They shave Apple into their kids' heads.

They sport strange Speedos.

They wear iPads cutouts on their heads.

And Nanos on their wrists. (This guy inserted magnets in his arms so he could wear one like a watch)

They turn iPads into strange costumes.

They turn their cars into iPods.

Or into Apple floats and shrines.

They turn basements into Apple museums.

They make couches out of Mac IIs.

During Halloween, they make Mac-o-Lanterns.

They turn mail boxes into computers that receive Mac Mail.

They turn Mac Minis into toilet paper dispensers.

They pee on Microsoft.

They flick off competitors.

They wake up at 5:30 AM in the rain to wait 4 hours for the iPhone 4S, when they could just pre-order it online.

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