19 Photos Of Karl Stefanovic Wearing The Same Suit Every Day To Make A Point About Sexism

Karl Stefanovic, the co-host of one of Australia’s most-watched TV programs, has been wearing the same suit for a year.

The Today show host did it to make a point about how much appearances matter for women in the TV industry. That nobody noticed was stunning.

“Women are judged much more harshly and keenly for what they do, what they say and what they wear,” Stefanovic said.

He sure made the point. The project has made headlines around the world.

We’ve been back through some of the Nine archives to find screengrabs of him in the well-worn Burberry knock-off suit, interviewing everyone from Katy Perry to Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Grumpy Cat.

February 2

He wears it talking with National Breast Cancer foundation patron Sarah Murdoch.

February 20

He wears it while welcoming Robbie Williams to the show. He also gets a kiss on the lips from the singer.

March 13

He wears it as he attempts to break a Guinness World Record, by cracking more than 155 walnuts in one minute.

March 16

He wears it in an interview with pop super star Katy Perry.

April 9

He wears it interviewing Arnold Schwarzenegger, who Karl says he is a massive of and then proceeds to impersonate.

April 10

He wears it interviewing Chantelle and Steve, winners of The Block, alongside the rest of the teams to discuss their $2.47 million apartment sale.

June 24

He wears it during crossed live to Cairo to talk with Peter Greste’s brother, Andrew.

July 9

He wears it when he talks to Prime Minister Tony Abbott about his dinner with the Japanese PM.

July 21

He wears it talking with award winning actor Lou Diamond Phillips during his trip to Australia for the ‘King and I’.

July 28

He wears it talking with dance sensation Maddie Zeigler and dance coach Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms.

August 19

He wears it interviewing internet sensation Grumpy Cat.

November 4

He wears it talking to Ray Hadley about the Melbourne Cup.

November 7

He wears it interviewing Australian skipper Michael Clarke.

November 12

He wears it while interviewing space expert Jonathan Nally.

November 14

He wears it while talking with Queensland police commissioner Ian Stewart and AFP commissioner Andrew Colvin about the G20 security operations.

Of course there have been a few instances throughout the year where he didn’t wear the suit, and from the looks of his Twitter profile his normal attire is quite suave.

Here’s are the rare moments he mixed it up with during the year.

June 28

Not wearing it when co-hosting with his mini-me look-a-like: 10-year-old Cory Murphy.

October 3

Not wearing it while he gets a spray tan from Aussie supermodel Jennifer Hawkins.

October 17

He switches it up choosing to wear lycra and a sweatband for health and fitness week.

October 31

And again while talking with Megan Gale and Shelley Craft for The Grill.

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