These Strange Photos Of Baseball Players From The 1800s Are Absolutely Mesmerizing

vintage photos of baseball in the 1800s

Photo: Courtesy of the New York Public Library

The New York Public Library has a treasure trove of really old baseball pictures.As it turns out, the ones from the 1800s are strangely captivating.

The blog Ptak Science Books first uncovered them, and then io9 picked it up.

We pulled out a mix of action shots, team photos, and portraits with floating baseballs (they’re actually dangling from strings) that we simply couldn’t stop looking at.

We can’t tell exactly what makes them so awesome.

Maybe it’s the silly uniforms. Maybe it’s the mustaches. Or maybe it’s the old-school photography.

But they’re great.

Deacon McGuire of the Philadelphia Quakers (1800s)

Charlie Bastian and Denny Lyons (unknown)

George Wood (1800s)

Unknown player (1800s)

Tommy McCarthy of the Boston Reds (1800s)

The Trinity College baseball team in 1885

Ed Andrews (1884-1891)

Jack Clements (1884-1900)

Joe Mulvey (1800s)

Joe Mulvey of the Philadelphia Phillies (date unknown)

William Hay (1888)

The The Knickerbocker and Excelsior baseball clubs in 1858

Dan Casey (1800s)

Dan Casey (1800s)

Unknown player (1800s)

Unknown players (1800s)

Young boys playing baseball (date unknown)

Unknown player (1800s)

Indoor baseball practice at Columbia University

Harry Lyons with Billy Tailer Trainer (1887-1893)

Unknown player (1800s)

Thos. L. Beals (1874)

Two kids playing barn ball (1800s)

Baseball being played at the Hackley School in New York (early 1900s)

The Philadelphia Quakers (date unknown)

BONUS: Boys and girls playing cricket (date unknown)

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