18,000 New Australian Citizens Are 'Welcomed To The Team'

Getty Images. Tony Abbott presents Adam Goodes with Australian Of The Year 2014.

Tony Abbott has attended his first citizenship ceremony as Prime Minister in Canberra today, hearing the pledges from 24 of Australia’s newest citizens on the national day of celebration.

Abbott welcomed the new citizens to the “team”, saying Australia Day weekend is an opportunity to celebrate what formally marks the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet, as well as celebrating something richer and deeper — “our land, our people, our unity.”

“Today we celebrate the history that has made us who we are – the country that we love and the values and institutions that underpin it,” Abbott said in his Australia Day speech.

Abbott today reflected on his own migration to the country from London in 1960, as almost 18,000 men and women are expected to take the citizenship pledge in more than 400 ceremonies across the country today.

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