18 more optical illusions that will make your head explode

White Gold Blue Black DressTumblrWhat colour is this dress?

The world’s most famous dress sent the internet into a hyperactive state overnight.

Debates about whether it is white-gold or blue-black have raged, the two women behind the fateful image have been found, and you can now buy the item if you want.

But this picture is just one in a long line of optical illusions that play with our minds.

Checker shadow illusion: Tiles A and B are the same colour!

Neon colour spreading: The neon lines make it appear as if there's a very light blue circle in the image, but the background is white throughout.

The Troxler effect: Stare into the red dot for long enough, and the green circle will disappear.

White's Illusion: The grey bars under A and B are the same colour!

Illusory motion: The contrast of the colours and the shapes makes it seem as if different circles are moving, but the image is completely static.

Is this a rabbit or a duck?

Scintillating grid: As you scan your eyes over the grid it looks as if black dots are disappearing and appearing at the intersections, but in reality all the dots are white.

Watercolour illusion: The light-coloured lines on the inside of the shape make it look like the orange is blending into the white, but it's an illusion.

Cafe walls illusion: The lines are straight and parallel, but your eyes make them look like they're sloping.

Lilac chaser: As you focus on the black cross, the many static purple rings disappear and only one moving circle seems to be left.

The perception illusion: Do you see two faces, or a vase? Depending on who you ask, it could be either.

The Spinning Dancer: is this dancer spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise? It depends on which foot your brain perceives to be touching the ground.

The Zöllner illusion: The long black lines appear to be crooked because the shorter black lines are at an angle to each other. In reality, however, the long black lines are parallel.

The Sander illusion: The diagonal line on the left of the figure appears to be much longer than the diagonal line on the right, but they are actually the same length.

The Ponzo illusion: The yellow line further down the tracks appears to be larger than the closer yellow line, but they are both the same length.

The Penrose triangle: This triangle is an example of an impossible object, a type of optical illusion that makes an object appear three dimensional when it is actually 2-D.

The Hering illusion: The two red lines in the image appear to be bending outwards, when in reality they are completely straight.

The Delboeuf illusion: These two black circles are exactly the same size.

If you think those are crazy, check out ...

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