17 Stomach-Churning Photos From Three Of New York City's Daredevil Instagrammers

Instagram users @HumzaDeas, @lastsuspect, and @demidism are three of New York City’s “Outlaw Instagrammers.”

Outlaw Instagrammers are young teens and 20-somethings who illegally scale buildings and bridges late at night to score some amazing images.

The phenomenon was brought from underground when New York Magazine profiled @HumzaDeas. After that, New Yorkers couldn’t get enough of the Instagrammers’ risky photos.

We compiled a few of our favourite pics from the three photographers listed above.

Warning: Your palms will sweat.

The 'Outlaw Instagrammers' are pretty fearless.

They climb some of the tallest buildings ...

... and bridges

in Manhattan.

They want to get the perfect photo.

This is insane.

Taking the photos and posting them to their Instagram accounts has become somewhat of a competition between the outlaws.

Who can do the craziest climb?

And get the best photo?

They bring their friends.

And hope they don't get caught.

Some of them HAVE been caught, however.

A 14-year-old Instagrammer was caught climbing one of the tallest residential buildings in NYC.

He told Business Insider his mum was 'pretty mad' at him.

But the shots are often worth it.

'I'd do it again,' he had told Business Insider.

'If I knew I wouldn't get caught.'

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