There Are Only 17 Schools That Have Never Committed A Major NCAA Violation

Penn State

There are 120 NCAA schools in the NCAA’s Football Bowl Subdivision and only 17 have never been found guilty of a major violation in any sport.

Only four (Boston College, Northwestern, Penn State, Stanford) come from one of the six BCS conferences.

(Meanwhile, 5 of them come from the MAC, which apparently takes compliance very seriously.)

But even the numbers don’t tell the whole story. For example, point shaving is not considered a major violation by the NCAA. (Violations are mostly about recruiting or amateurism.) That would knock out Boston College and Northwestern. Boise State was called before the infractions committee this year, and almost certainly will be off the list by the end of 2011. And Florida Atlantic has only been in the FBS since 2006. (They didn’t even have an athletic department until 1979.)

Basically, if you’re big enough to have a football team, you’ve probably broken a rule at some point. Kudos to Stanford, however, which is pretty much the most successful athletic program ever (top to bottom) and has done it without any “major” screwups.

Here’s the full list:

Air Force
Boise State (called before the infractions committee in 2011)
Boston College
Bowling Green
Central Michigan
Colorado State
Florida Atlantic
Kent State
North Texas
Penn State
Western Michigan

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