The 17 Things You Must Know To Become A Cocktail Master

James Bond famously ordered his Martini “shaken, not stirred.”

We’re glad his specialty is secret service work.

Fact is Martinis are supposed to be stirred — it’s one of the cardinal rules of cocktail-making.

And if Bond didn’t know that, then we’re guessing you might not have known that either.

So we’re here to share a few cocktail-making tips.

With the help of writer and cocktail expert Robert Haynes-Peterson, we’ve put together a list of 19 rules of cocktail-making to help you master the craft.

BONUS: Here are some substitutes for fancy cocktail equipment that you already own.

Instead of buying fancy cocktail equipment, you can use all of these household items to make your cocktails.

  • Measure/jigger can be substituted with an egg cup.
  • A cocktail shaker can be substituted with a thermos flask.
  • A juicer can be substituted with a your own hands! (Just squeeze the citrus fruit.)
  • A mixing spoon can be substituted with a long teaspoon or fork handle.
  • A strainer can be substituted with a tea strainer.

Source: The Guardian

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