$17 Million In Student Loans Forgiven


While most college students aren’t enrolled in helicopter flight school, those who did attend the Silver State Helicopters flight school in Florida will be extremely pleased to know their loans have all been forgiven thanks to a deal with the Attorney General.

From the Sun Sentinel:

Most Floridians who attended the now-defunct Silver State Helicopters flight school will have the majority of their student loans forgiven under a settlement reached this week with the Attorney Generals in Florida and 11 other states. Records showed only a small percentage of students graduated and that drop out rates were high, state officials said. The Florida Attorney General’s Office received more than 300 complaints following Silver State’s bankruptcy.

Under the settlement, the majority of the 375 Floridians who were Silver State enrollees will have 75 per cent of their loans forgiven by Student Loan Xpress. The others will be granted loan forgiveness at a percentage based on how much course work they completed. The total foregiveness package comes to $17 million for Floridians.

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