17 Apps Every Modern Gentleman Should Have On His Phone

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Maybe it was almost socially acceptable to behave like a bro when you were caressing a keg and singing Cornell’s fight song… just maybe.

But now it’s time to grow up.

Lucky for you, Business Insider is here to help you out by turning your smartphone into an even more useful sidekick.

Covering everything from getting organised to buying liquor, we’ve put together a list of the 17 apps that every gentleman needs in 2014.

Hotel Tonight

A few years ago finding a last minute hotel meant driving up to the nearest Motel 5 with your fingers crossed, hoping that they had an available room.

Now, you don't need to settle with the leftovers. Hotel Tonight helps you select last minute rooms in hotels sorted by categories such as hip, luxe, solid, basic, or charming. You'll be able to find something last minute that is catered to your style.

You can download Hotel Tonight here.

Sunrise Calendar

Yeah, we're not huge fans of standard phone calendars either. So to make life easier we recommend the Sunrise Calendar, which can sync loads of apps together (such as Google Calendar and Facebook).

Plus, you can add your own interesting features including sports team calendars, holidays, the stock exchange, and even the moon phases.

Download Sunrise Calendar for Apple or Android.


It's 2014 -- time for every gentleman to get organised professionally in a digital fashion.

Evernote is here to save the day for even the most disorganized. This app can sync all your notes across multiple devices and computers, plus helps you scan business cards and search for anything. It even comes with little check-able check boxes for to-do lists, when you're feeling particularly unmotivated.

Download Evernote here.

PS Dept

Waiting in department store lines is so 2013, and so a waste of your time.

Instead, use this app to have a real person from places like Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, and Theory find what you need. Afterwards, simply buy the coveted piece straight from the app.

PS Department is available from the App Store here.

120 Sports

Generally, people don't associate quarterbacks like Eli Manning with the latest and greatest in mobile technology. But things are about to change.

120 Sports can help you keep up with the latest scores and sports-world gossip without having to resort to the poorly designed and overrated sports apps that previously dominated the market place. It's like the grown-up, sophisticated cousin of ESPN.

You can download the 120 Sports app for Apple and Android here.


Grilling has traditionally and rather stereotypically been a manly thing to do. So don't screw it up when you're trying to impress your friends or significant other.

GrillTime will help you get the perfect grilling time and temperature for your meat. Bonus points: you don't even have to loaf around the grill because the app will notify you when it's time to flip and when it's finished.

Available at the App Store.

Table Manners from William Hanson

What's going to happen when your boss invites you to dinner and you don't know how to use a fork and knife? Nothing good, that's for sure.

This app will help you master the must-know table etiquette, so that you can behave in a gentleman-like manner during dinner situations.

You can download it here.

Fastr Pro

There's a reason the phrase 'He's a gentleman and a scholar' exists.

Fastr Pro is an e-book reader that will help you improve your reading performance. Plus when you need to read through something boring, this app will help you get through it quickly.

Fastr Pro is available in the App Store here.


There's nothing more annoying than waiting for people to respond to your emails.

Although the MailTracker won't force others to reply, it will notify you when people viewed them. Plus it will tell you how many times your email was viewed, and for how long.

At least now you'll know whether or not your colleague is purposely ignoring you.

Download MailTracker here.


Oyster is the Netflix for books. It has everything from inspiring business stories to Hemingway's classics.

Instead of perpetuating your Candy Crush addiction, perhaps the better alternative is to check out an unlimited supply of great reading.

Oyster is available for download here.


It's important to be informed on current events and analyses. Unfortunately, that 5 page article on trade relations was not designed for your iPhone.

Luckily, the Circa app will save your time and your eyesight by condensing news articles without sacrificing information. It will be significantly easier to read news on a mobile platform.

Get Circa here.


You probably thought that whiskey couldn't get any better... but it has. In app form.

Distiller can help you get a personalised whiskey recommendation for any situation. And if you don't really know that much about whiskey yet, this app will help you not make a fool of yourself.

Get your whiskey companion here.

Cocktails Made Easy

Entertaining guests just got a lot easier. The 'Cocktails Made Easy' app provides step-by-step guidelines for making great drinks.

And if you're not sure exactly what you're in the mood for, you can shuffle your iPhone for a random cocktail recipe.

Available for download on Apple and Android.


Sometimes you spot an article that you'd love to read -- but it's the middle of the work day and you definitely don't have the time right then. So you send it to yourself, and subsequently clog up your email.

Pocket solves this problem. You can save articles, videos, recipes, and webpages that you find online and get to them later. Now you'll have something to do on long commutes.

You can download Pocket here.


Whether it's the best cocktail bar for a Thursday night or that new underground club, you'll know about it with UrbanDaddy.

UrbanDaddy will give you recommendations of where to spend your night, based on the type of location you are looking for and the number of people you are with. It's available in several large U.S. cities, including New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Boston, Las Vegas, and more. Enjoy.

Download UrbanDaddy here.


Bottle service just got a whole new meaning.

The app Thirstie is the easiest way for spirits to be delivered straight to your door. And just imagine how great it will be when you don't need to leave your apartment during that February snowstorm.

Thirstie is available for Apple and Android here.

The Gentleman's Guide to Life

And lastly, the Gentleman's Guide to Life. The name speaks for itself.

This app will help you with problems such as knowing whether or not a suit fits, and how to subsequently care for that suit. Plus, you'll finally know why shaving brushes are so expensive.

You can download the app here.

Now it's time to upgrade your wardrobe.

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