16 Ways LeBron James Became loveable Again

lebron james laughing

LeBron James was universally beloved when he first came into the NBA.

It was only after the PR disaster surrounding his move to Miami that NBA fans fully turned against him.

Ultimately that villain persona didn’t fit him, and he has spent the last two years trying to be as goofy and likeable as possible.

It has led to some amazing moments.

He bear-hugged a fan after he made a halfcourt shot

He started playing the best basketball the NBA has seen since Jordan. Said an opposing player:

Source: The Oregonian

He danced like no one was watching at the Olympics

He refuses to trash talk

Source: ESPN

He publicly endorsed Space Jam 2

He went all-in on this Harlem Shake video

He finally won something

He became a key part of the NBA's ridiculous fashion trend

He rode a bike to work

He played catch with a fan during a game

He showed how much he cares. After a loss to the Knicks in December, he reportedly went straight to the weight-room

Source: Palm Beach Post

He embraced his rivalry with Kevin Durant

He tries to be as goofy as possible on Twitter

He stopped saying dumb things like this about fans

Source: Cleveland.com

He tweets adorable photos of his sons

He started doing Dunk Contest-level dunks in pregame warm-ups

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