15 Tweets That Show How State Of Origin Makes East Coast Australia Lose Its Mind

The normally sensible Channel 7 anchor Chris Bath. Photo: Twitter

To the rest of the world: apologies in advance.

For a short period, east coast Australia is about to lose its mind on the internet talking about something that makes absolutely no sense to anyone else.

It’s State of Origin football, an annual three-game rugby league series between NSW and Queensland whose existence to outsiders is largely confined to a handful of sports trivia buffs.

At least when people are losing their minds over the World Cup, people dropping into the conversation can kind of get it. But Origin is different. There’s no competition quiet like it anywhere else in world sport. Only two teams take part. And they don’t play as teams in any other competition.

To the rest of the world, the output on Twitter from east coast Australia must make it look like everyone’s on drugs or drunk. (Actually many of them probably are drunk.)

The equation tomorrow is that if NSW (“The Blues”) beats Queensland (“The Maroons”) it will end eight years in the wilderness for NSW. Sydney will lose its mind.

Here’s a taste of the kind of leave people will be taking of themselves during the game.

The insanity begins.

This makes sense to everyone in NSW and Queensland. It will mean nothing to anyone else in the world.

People in NSW remember this feeling:

And this Queenslander had the perfect response which is completely incomprehensible to outsiders.

There was a definite ‘had to be there moment’…

(Don’t bother getting someone to explain it to you. It ruins the fun.)

A certain appreciation of history is required to enjoy this…

The problem is, other people on Australian Twitter notice this and start complaining.

This Melburnian was frustrated with the volume of Origin updates, and confused about which sport they were playing.


And this one too. (If this is what Australia thinks, what must they be saying overseas?)

No she didn’t, mate.

Some enjoyed the confusion.

There’s this, which may as well be in Cyrillic.

Even nationally famous news readers get in on the insanity.

Here’s Channel 7’s Chris Bath, host of the sombre current affairs show Sunday Night, in an outfit only Origin could inspire.

… and a crude photoshop of Bath’s competitor Sandra Sully, enthusiastically retweeted by the official Channel 10 Twitter account:

Everyone loves it though.

This person gets it.

Go Blues.

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