16 Ridiculous Ways Former NBA Star Gilbert Arenas Spends His Money

Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas is living a lavish lifestyle as he continues to get paid even though he hasn’t played an NBA game since 2012.

With reoccurring injuries and off-the-court-issues stemming from a felony gun charge, Arenas has been out since 2012. He played with the Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association last season.

Arenas signed a six-year, $US111 million deal with the Wizards in 2008. He was traded to the Orlando Magic in 2010.

Arenas says the Magic still owes him $US38 million. His contract with the Magic was ranked the “Worst NBA Contracts Of The 21st Century” by Yahoo Sports.

Thanks to his contract though he doesn’t need work while he’s out of the NBA and he’s still spending money like crazy.

He spent $US100,000 to landscape his $US3.5 million mansion.

Source: Washington Post

He takes his car to a $US675 car wash.

Source: Washington Post

He spends $US5,000 a month for housekeeping on his seven-bedroom, 10-bathroom home.

Source: Washington Post

He has a fancy grotto next to his backyard pool complete with a bar, hot tub, and of course a water slide.

Source: Washington Post

He paid $US8,000 for a Mercedes-Benz electric toy car.

Source: Washington Post

He has his own personal shark tank. It costs $US5,000 each month to feed his sharks and an additional $US1,500 for someone to take care of them.

Source: Washington Post

He spends $US600 on groceries every week.

Source: Washington Post

He went on a $US40,000 dollar shopping spree for his kids at FAO Schwartz.

Source: Washington Post

He also bought a $US60,000 train set for his kids and hired someone from FAO Schwarz to set it up.

Source: Washington Post

He turned his yard into a huge pumpkin patch for his annual Halloween party.

He's always ready for a night of gambling, carrying wads of $US20,000 in five dollar bills to make things easier at the casino.

Source: ESPN Magazine

Which in turn has led to wads of 100 dollar bills on a typical night of gambling.

He takes great pride in his personal shoe collection of over 2,000 pairs of shoes in his closet.

Source: Nice Kicks

Which doesn't include the shoes he wore in the 2010 season worth $US7,730 that he gave all away in a contest.

Source: Counter Kicks

He's known for showering his friends in cash too. The lucky recipient here is former teammate Nick Young.

He bought a Hyperbaric chamber to absorb the oxygen in his home so it would be the same altitude as the Rocky Mountains because he thought it would improve his conditioning.

Source: Washington Post

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