16 everyday objects that are perfectly designed and can't be improved any further

The annual tradition of new iPhone releases and daily reminders to keep apps up-to-date can be exhausting.

So it’s nice to know some products have hit their potential.

We spoke with Peter Rohles, an industrial designer at the software company solidThinking, to get a sense of which products are beloved by designers and consumers alike.

While Rohles acknowledges the process of design is just that — a process — some everyday objects are so efficient at what they do that it’d be pointless to tinker any further.

Keep scrolling to see which products are probably the best they will ever be.

Bic ballpoint pen -- The product is cheap while still being durable and reliable, Rohles says.

Wikimedia Commons

Dixon Ticonderoga No. 2 pencil -- The iconic yellow and green implement offers the best writing (and erasing) experience you'll find from a pencil.

Wikimedia Commons

Maglite -- Never has there been a more durable, sturdy flashlight, Rohles explains. It is the standard by which other flashlights are judged.

Wikimedia Commons

ChapStick -- 'The shape hasn't changed in so long,' Rohles says. And given its simple, effective construction, it doesn't need to.

Wikimedia Commons

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