16 of the world's most incredible supersize statues

Sculpture has the power to leave spectators in a state of sheer amazement. But standing in the presence of a “supersize” statue can actually take your breath away.

Taking up to 20 years to build and millions of dollars to create, these 16 enormous creations do just that. They will stand for centuries as icons of history and culture for visitors to enjoy. From the world’s largest reclining Buddha to a 105 foot tall sculpture of Mao Zedong, keep scrolling for a trip around the world in massive statues.

The Christ the Redeemer statue, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, scales more than 2,000 feet above the city to offer visitors stunning views. The 100 foot tall statue's awe-inspiring scale and design resulted in its recognition as one of the seven new wonders of the world.

Shutterstock/Mark Schwettmann

Source: Daily Mail

This statue, perched in China's Hunan Province, depicts Chairman Mao Zedong at the age of 32. The work is said to have cost as much as $35 million to build.

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Source: Reuters, Matador Network

The Chaukhtatgyi Buddha is a giant reclining buddha housed in Yangon, Myanmar. The statue is a stunning work of art, from its golden robe to its diamond encrusted crown.

Shutterstock/Anirut Thailand

Source: Lonely Planet

This rock sculpture of the face of Decebalus, Dacia's last king, is carved on a jagged outcrop of the Danube River near the city of Orsova in Romania. The 131 foot high carving is the tallest rock sculpture in Europe.


Source: The Telegraph

This Lord Murugan statue presides over the Batu Caves of Selangor, Malaysia. Made with 250 tons of steel and 79 gallons of gold paint, the 137-foot sculpture is said to be the world's tallest statue of a Hindu deity.

Shutterstock/Calvin Chan

Source: CNN

The Statue of Liberty stands high and mighty in New York Harbour's Liberty Island. The 1,510-foot statue was created in France, with giant steel supports, before being assembled in America.

Shutterstock/Matej Hudovernik

Source: History Channel

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