16 newlyweds tell us why they chose a City Hall wedding

Nikon Wedding TruckGeoffrey Coalter/NikonMcNally took over 30 wedding portraits on the first day alone.

Over the course of two days last week, camera giant Nikon set up a portrait studioin the back of a truck outside City Hall in New York City.

Its mission: surprise a bunch of newlyweds with free wedding pictures shot by photographer Joe McNally.

In addition to the photos, couples were also treated to hair and makeup services (if they so chose) in a nearby tent.

I caught up with 16 of the happy duos to find out more about their love stories, and why they chose a City Hall wedding.

Jacob and Genai: 'He actually proposed one week ago today. We wanted to do it right away now that we're ready.'

Samantha and Max: 'My parents got married at City Hall, and I've been living in the city for a while and I thought it would be extra special to go here. It's kind of like a monument, a special place in the city.'

Hassen and Falaq: 'We just decided (this morning) and we thought, 'That's it,' on the spot.'

Rahul and Hyrel: 'Our families live in different parts of the world and it was an easy place for them to fly down and get the legal side of the ceremony done. We're doing a bigger thing in India later on in the year.'

Alexandre and Nurn: 'This is our third time getting married, actually. We did an elopement in Las Vegas, then we did a ceremony in Paris, and now we're doing a ceremony here in New York.'

Alexandre Auriac and Nurn Manisali

Matthew and Charles: 'We are having an event tomorrow, but we thought City Hall would be perfect for the legal portion of marriage.'

Sammy and Julie: 'For our real wedding ceremony, we have an officiant who is a family friend, so we decided to do the formal wedding ahead of time.'

Sammy Nghiem and Julie Li

Florian and Emma: 'We are French, and we love the US and we love New York, so we wanted to get married in New York. Today was more a choice of the brain, and when we go back to France (for the ceremony) it will be about the heart.'

Florian Pennavaire and Emma Valette

Rickie and Stephanie: 'We met in college 36 years ago. I came back from Florida, ran into her on Facebook, we met, and it took off again -- the sparks were flying. All my daughters came from different states, so we decided to do it here while they're (in town).'

Ed and Ariane: 'It was fast, easy, and efficient. We're going to do a proper ceremony at some point. This was just, like, spur of the minute before the baby arrives.'

Ed Little and Ariane Luff

Kofi and Marie: 'We wanted to get married but we are not (financially) ready for the religious one yet. So the next option available -- if not the only one -- was to come to City Hall.'

Kofi and Marie Goudlo

Sean and Jiinn: 'We already had a ceremony in Korea, but we also wanted to do it here.'

Sean and Jiinn Cho

Eloy and Catalina: 'We love New York!'

Eloy and Catalina Delores

Carl and Jenna: 'We actually have a big thing set for Sunday because we have a lot of friends coming over from Ireland. But City Hall isn't open on Sundays, so I kind of messed that up.'

Carl and Jenna Waters

Maynor and Kamilla Monterroso: 'It seemed exciting and a little intimate. He lives in Miami and I live in New York, so we decided to just make it in New York as a memory, and then we'll move to Miami.'

Maynor and Kamilla Monterroso

Justin and Adam: 'We're actually from Tennessee, and (gay marriage isn't) legal there yet so we had to come here to do it. We did a big wedding ceremony there with our friends and family, and then we came here to make it official.'

Justin Green and Adam Morgan

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