16 islands you can buy right now

Daydream islandPrivate Islands Inc.Daydream Island, in Australia.

For many people, buying a private island hideaway is the ultimate dream.

Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen, Oracle cofounder Larry Ellison, and Virgin Group chairman Richard Branson are just a few of the billionaires who have added private islands to their extensive real estate portfolios.

But you don’t necessarily have to be a billionaire to buy an island. Nearly a thousand islands come onto the market each year, and they vary greatly in terms of size and price.

With the help of island marketplace Private Islands Inc., we’ve found a few that you can buy right now.

Jewel Caye, a two-acre island in Belize, is on the market for $3.15 million. It comes with two houses (one at each end of the island), a duplex for guests, and a wide pier set up with a dining room and bar.

Over in the South Pacific, uninhabited Macuata Island will set you back $2.85 million. It's being sold on a freehold basis, which mean that the whole thing can be yours outright.

For only $400,000 you can buy the quarter-acre Isla Paloma on the northern side of Panama. It comes with a two-bedroom house, and, according to the listing, 'no snakes or spiders.'

Located just a few minutes' boat ride away from Tortola, Buck Island is a 44-acre island with beautiful white sand beaches. It has seven bedrooms distributed among a main house and several cottages. Price is available upon request.

Off the coast of Dubai, one of a set of undeveloped private islands will cost you $16 million. Totaling 11.6 acres of land, it has lots of potential to be built into a resort or private villa.

In British Columbia, Mowgli Island is on sale for $3.16 million. A four-bedroom home has more than 1,000 square feet of outdoor deck space.

The 26-acre Pumpkin Key is listed for a steep $110 million. Located 10 minutes by helicopter from South Beach, the island already has a three-bedroom house, tennis courts, and paths for golf carts.

Ontario's West Nias Islands are connected by a shallow rock outcropping. They're fully developed, with multiple guest cottages and updated solar and septic systems, and can be purchased for $2.23 million.

Located 17 miles to the north of Grenada, White Island is on sale for $5.5 million. According to the listing, the water around the island is deep enough for a superyacht to anchor just feet away from the beach.

Nukudrau Island, an undeveloped island in Fiji, has 46 acres of land and an amazing location for snorkelling and diving. The price is available upon request.

In the Bahamas, Johnny's Cay is available for $5.99 million. The main house has pristine ocean views, and the man-made marina is ideal for docking your boat.

Also in the Bahamas, $7.2 million Sand Dollar Cay has beautiful white sand beaches on four sides. A nearby island has a marina and an airstrip.

Daydream Island is located in a group of islands off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The purchase includes a 296-room resort, marina, and spa. Price is available upon request.

Petra Island is located only 15 minutes away from New York City by helicopter. A cottage on the island was built by Frank Lloyd Wright, while the main residence was inspired by one of his designs. Price is available upon request.

Located near Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, Ginger Island is 258 acres of completely undeveloped band. On the south side, two bays connect to form a heart. Price is available upon request.

Listed at only $1.64 million, Ontario's Belle Lune Island is a relative bargain. It comes with a deep water harbour, dock, cottage, and guest house.

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