15 Weirdly Effective Places To Advertise You've Never Thought Of

tattoo ad

There’s traditional advertising — print, television, and radio — and then there’s everything else.  

To break through the clutter, an ad doesn’t need to be perfectly executed or have a killer slogan. Sometimes, an unusual location is all that’s needed.

Here are the most unexpected places real ads have popped up.

For more places, check out BusinessWeek, and Oddee, which pointed us to many of these campaigns.

Outer Space

Bathroom stalls

On people

On homeless people's blankets


Tray Tables

Mouse pads

The floor of a pool

In video games

The inside of a shirt tail

CAPTCHAs (the authentication tests you take to verify you're not a computer)



Women's backsides


For more interesting ads, check out:

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