The 15 Most Bizarrely Unnecessary Sexy Halloween Costumes Of 2012

sexy halloween costume oscar grouch

Photo: Yandy

One of the scariest parts of Halloween is the ability for the costume industry to turn even the most chaste and unobjectionable character or inanimate object into a “sexy” one.It seems just about anything can get sexy thrown in front of it on Halloween, from a lamp to George Washington to, that’s right, a body bag.

Adults, in the United States, will spend an estimated $8 billion on Halloween this year, mostly on themselves rather than their kids. But just because they’re spending on average of $80 on costumes — up from $72 last year — that doesn’t mean they’re spending it on more material. 

mummy’s Scooby Doo costume might have significantly less fur than her kid’s. Ruh roh.

SEXY GEORGE WASHINGTON: What would Martha have to say about this?

SEXY OSCAR THE GROUCH: calls this a trash monster. We call it a trashy monster.

SEXY OSAMA BIN LADEN: No explanatory caption necessary.

SEXY LAMP: Who even knew lamps could be sexy?

SEXY SCRABBLE: This is what all Scrabble champions look like.

SEXY SUPER MARIO: mislabeled this keeper: Sexy Red Plumber. Nothing says sexy like a cleavage mustache.

SEXY CARE BEARS: I don't remember them sitting like that.

SEXY SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS: Halloween is determined to ruin every single one of your childhood favourites.

SEXY PAC MAN: Without the matching underwear appliqué this definitely wouldn't have worked.

SEXY ROOSTER: I never imagined to see sexy and rooster in the same sentence let alone costume description.

SEXY WATERMELON: This fruit costume is the pits.

SEXY SCOOBY DOO: We would get a sexy Daphne, even sexy Velma, but Scooby? Ruh-roh.

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