The 15 Stocks Traders Shorting Like Crazy

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Some of the most heavily shorted stocks in the market tend to be high-growth, momentum companies.But lately, the most shorted companies have also included those sensitive to thee global macro slowdown.

We screened the stock market to see which companies where being shorted the most (as measured by short as a percentage of float).

Polypore International

Ticker: PPO

Description: Polymer membrane developer

Short interest: 36.69 per cent

Comment: Polypore's stock plummeted at the beginning of the month after the company reported higher costs and declining revenues.

Source: NASDAQ


Ticker: P

Description: Internet music

Short interest: 36.62 per cent

Comment: The breakout online music streamer is now facing competition from Samsung and Spotify.

Source: Wall Street Cheat Sheet

Boston Brewing Co.

Ticker: SAM

Description: Beer

Short interest: 37.19 per cent

Comment: Second-quarter earnings slid 49% from a prior-year glass recall settlement and increased spending on brand investments and saw barley costs rise.

Source: Dow Jones


Ticker: TUMI

Description: Luggage/Travel

Short interest: 37.19 per cent

Comment: Tumi's stock jumped nearly 28 per cent last month but investors believe will curtail the run.

Source: Daily Finance


Ticker: GME

Description: Retail

Short interest: 38.61 per cent

Comment: A long-running member of this list, the company can't shake fears that it will be the next Circuit City. It was recently declared a takeover target.

Source: Smart Money

Rio Tinto

Ticker: RIO

Description: Minerals

Short interest: 40.99 per cent

Comment: The Australian mining giant reported a 22% drop in first-half earnings on slowing demand.

Source: Dow Jones

American Greetings Corporation

Ticker: AM

Description: Card producer

Short interest: 42.49 per cent

Comment: Investors remain unconvinced after the company's $75 million share repurchase several weeks ago.

Source: Dow Jones

USANA Health Sciences

Ticker: USNA

Description: Nutritional supplements

Short interest: 43.03 per cent

Comment: The stock continues to move in lockstep with Herbalife, whose price has yet to recover from David Einhorn's ninja-style beat down in May.

Source: Google

ITT Educational Services

Ticker: ESI

Description: For-profit education

Short interest: 43.94 per cent

Comment: Another longtime entrant on this list. A recent government report suggested taxpayers have been getting short-changed by the amount of aid government pours into for-profit school loans.

Source: Businessweek


Ticker: RSH

Description: Retail

Short interest: 44.08 per cent

Comment: Another teetering big box retailer, Radioshack recently suspended a share buyback program to pay down debt.

Source: Reuters

Proto Labs

Ticker: PRLB

Description: Custom parts manufacturing

Short interest: 44.08 per cent

Comment: Proto Labs IPOed in February, and investors remain cautious.

Source: Reuters

KB Home

Ticker: KBH

Description: Homebuilder

Short interest: 46.55

Comment: The company remains hamstrung by debt concerns even as confidence grows that the housing bottom has come and gone.

Source: Dow Jones


Ticker: SVU

Description: Retail

Short interest: 47.41 per cent

Comment: The company's stock has collapsed since it announced it was suspending dividends and reviewing its entire strategy.

Source: Businessweek

Bridgepoint Education Inc.

Ticker: BPI

Description: For-profit education

Short interest: 48.12 per cent

Comment: The for-profit education sector continues to get hammered. Bridgepoint's YOY income for Q2 was down 8.8 per cent.

Source: Businessweek


Ticker: HGG

Description: Retail

Short interest: 56.21

Comment: Perhaps the longest denizen of this list. The company cut guidance for FY2013.

Source: hhgregg

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