15 Money Experts Everyone Should Follow On Twitter

Farnoosh Torabi

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Who doesn’t get their news and information from Twitter these days? At @BIYourMoney, it’s practically a requirement to stay in the loop. Knowing who to follow isn’t as easy, so we’ve compiled a handy list of the best money experts on the Web who tweet.

Our criteria: These people and sites are respected in their field—be it credit, housing, or retirement—tweet often, and have developed a following on Twitter, thanks to their razor-sharp insight. 

Read on for the list: 

Farnoosh Torabi (@FARNOOSH). Apart from hosting Yahoo! Finance’s hit show Financially Fit, best-selling author and finance expert Farnoosh Tobari is no stranger to doling out money advice on Twitter and beyond. Her fans are of all ages but she’s particularly popular with the Gen Y/X crowd for her no-nonsense advice on building wealth smart and early. 

Victor Ricciardi (@victorricciardi). If you’ve been neglecting that “Personal Finance” tab on your RSS feed for a while, give yourself a break and let behavioural finance expert Victor Ricciardi do the aggregating for you. Working by day as an assistant professor of financial management at Groucher College, Ricciardi understands how the “personal” part of finance sometimes holds consumers back. He compiles the best behavioural finance news on the Web and serves it up daily on Twitter to 30,000+ followers. 

Lauren Young (@LaurenYoung). Reuter’s wealth editor Lauren Young makes no bones about getting to the bottom of money issues that matter. “I don’t ask a lot of questions. I demand a lot of answers,” she says in her profile. If her 10,000+ followers are any indication, she succeeds.

Get Rich Slowly (@GRSblog). Any blog that makes the top of Time Magazine’s Best List list is one worth watching. The staffers behind Get Rich Slowly pride themselves on offering money advice not only for real people but by them. They frequently let readers take take the spotlight and feature their personal financial foilbles and triumphs. On Twitter, you’ll get easy access to their excellent content, but don’t be surprised if they tweet back. Whoever’s behind the curtain isn’t shy about engaging with their 11,000+ followers in real time. 

Zillow (@zillow). Zillow is your one-stop shop for the latest advice, news and commentary on buying, selling and renting a home. Keep up with their feed and you just might become an expert on the housing market, too. 

Kimberly Palmer (@alphaconsumer). U.S.News & World Report’s Kimblery Palmer is one of our favourite scribes in all things personal finance. You’ll find her tweeting on everything from her latest posts on retirement and entrepreneurship to where you can find great holiday deals.  

NerdWallet (@nerdwallet). Known for useful products like its credit card comparison tool and Interest Rate Monitor, this personal finance site’s feed is just as helpful, dishing the latest on airline fees, student loans and all things credit. 

Well-Heeled Blog (@WellHeeledBlog). At 2,227 followers and counting, this 20-something’s feed is a must for any millennial trying to stay stylish on a less than stellar budget. “I eat enthusiastically, read voraciously, and budget inconsistently,” writes W. Tune in for her whip-smart takes on retirement, cooking, budgeting and shoes. 

Kelli B. Grant (@kellibgrant). You don’t get to be a senior consumer reporter at SmartMoney.com without knowing a thing or two about spending, saving and shopping. Grant regularly tweets on all things money-related, from travel and credit cards to the problem with store-bought mac n’ cheese. “Sometimes I sleep,” she jokes in her profile. To date, she has 3,848 followers.

J. Money (@Budgets Are Sexy). Anyone who can make frugality sound this fun is alright by us, and 11,561 followers can’t be wrong. J. Money shares recent blog posts from his site BudgetsAreSexy.com, savings tips and helpful advice for handling sticky issues in money and relationships. 

MoneyCrashers (@moneycrashers). If GetRichSlowly is the ultimate source for personal takes on saving and spending, then Money Crashers is the best place to access the latest news on taxes, investing and retirement planning. You can’t knock their coverage of budget road trips, either. Tune in Fridays at 4 EST for the site’s Twitter chat #mcchat, where followers share tips and sound off on their financial lives. 

John Ulzheimer (@johnulzheimer). Ulzheimer is the founder of CreditExpertWitness.com and an FCRA Certified credit expert. He is also a contributing author for Mint.com, the National Federation For Credit Counseling, and creditsesame.com. He usually sticks to the topic of credit on Twitter, offering news and insight.

Peter Renton (@socialloans). Renton publishes the Social Lending Network, a blog that focuses on the peer-to-peer lending industry. On it, Renton answers questions about the industry from followers and publishes several articles on how to get started and be successful at P2P lending.

John Mulkey (@thehousingguru). Mulkey started his career building houses and has over 40 years of experience in the housing industry. On Twitter, he shares insight and experience to help buyers and sellers navigate the murky market. 

Credit.com (@creditexperts). Home of the free monthly credit score and report card, Credit.com’s Twitter feed offers news about the industry in general as well as tips to help people boost that all-important score. 

Think we missed someone? Sound off in the comments.

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