15 Google-y Perks That Will Make You Jealous

Yahoo Massage parlor

Getting a job at Google or a hot startup like Facebook can be a painful process.


  • An Ivy League degree
  • A 4.0 GPA (even if you’re in your 30s)
  • The ability to answer inane interview questions.
  • An ardent desire to bring about world peace through a search engine or a social network. (Or the ability to fake one.)
  • And, you know, complete and utter competence at the job.

Facebook engineers seem particularly hard to please. Consider this anecdote posted to Glassdoor.com by a former job applicant:

I had one on campus interview, a follow up phone interview and then an on-site interview at their HQ in downtown Palo Alto. HR did a fantastic job with coordinating the interview day but the engineers that interviewed me were on their cell phones and did not seem interested in conducting a comprehensive interview. Every interviewer started off with “Why Facebook?” and asked an algorithm and design question. I realised later that almost all the programming questions I was asked were pulled DIRECTLY from “Programming Interviews Exposed”.

Painful. So why are they such coveted jobs? Maybe it has something to do with…

15 Google-y Perks That Will Leave You smouldering With Jealousy →

Enterprise software startup Asana gives employees $10,000 to set up their computer however they want

At Amgen, you can drop your kids off at the in-house daycare.

Google Seattle has a rock-climbing wall for the outdoorsy types

Sprint will pay for 2% of its employees' home purchases (if they buy their houses through Sprint)

Yahoo has an in-house massage parlor.

Microsoft will also help you adopt a kid

Facebook provides San Francisco-based employees a free daily shuttle to and from Palo Alto

Happy Birthday! If you're a Homestead Technologies employee, you get a paid day off on your B-day

Facebook used to pay its employees a $600/month housing stipend if they lived within a mile of the office

Lazy Googlers can get check-ups at an in-house doctor, too

SEE CORRECTION: Shh! Secret Perk: Facebook employees can look up what profiles Facebook users look at

Want in? Better study up for your interview…

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