15 Outrageous Sex Apps That Made It Into The iPhone App Store

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Banning pornography and other offensive materials from the iPhone App Store, Apple has tried to limit the smut available on its iPhone to what you can find on the Web.

But while apps featuring actual nudity are forbidden in iTunes, apps with images of people in their underwear are fine by Apple.

Consequently, porny apps are ubiquitous in the iTunes store.

Here’s the real surprise: Not many of them are making that much money, however. That’s because porny apps seldom make the best-selling list, which is dominated by games.

To succeed, they need to stay on the top 100 list for one of several porn-friendly categories, including “Lifestyle” and “Photography. “(Apple doesn’t give adult apps their own category, of course). Ben Cousins, who makes adult apps as well as other apps targeted at 20-something males, says that once an app falls off those lists, “sales can be pretty dismal.”

Even holding a place on those lists doesn’t necessarily prove lucrative. Ben consistently has multiple apps on the top 100 lists of several categories — something only a handful of other adult app developers can boast — but says, “I still work a full time day job and won’t be quitting anytime soon.”

One rare winner is a free app called “On the Go Girls,” which claims well over 2 million downloads a month.

They could do even better if Apple’s ratings and policies were more lenient, according to “On the Go Girls” developer Frederick Clarke. He argues that “iTunes sells numerous R movies with significant amounts of nudity, violence, and sexual content.” Given that his apps aren’t allowed to contain actual nudity, he says the 17+ ratings they garner are ridiculous, when they wouldn’t “require even a PG 13 rating” in a movie.

We don’t see it happening, even if Apple would be throwing away money if it kept sex out of the App Store altogether.

In the meantime, we’ve gathered 15 of the most outrageous sex apps available on iTunes, from the straightforward albums of explicit photos to apps that will make you rethink just what sort of toy you’re carrying in your pocket every day.

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photo courtesy of Nick Ogawa

Update: Many of these apps are now gone from the App Store, casualties of Apple’s war on porn.

Correction: An earlier version of this post said Frederick Clarke believes Apple should let even more explicit porn into its store. That is not accurate. He does think the policies should be slightly more lenient with its ratings, and that its treatment of apps and movies is inconsistent.

Tight Body Perky Boobs

iTunes link Removed
Developer: Ben Cousins
Price: $0.99
What you're buying: Tight Body Perky Boobs is a good representative of the largest and most basic category of porn app: collections of pictures.

There's nothing more than that to these apps. They work to make the UI as nice as possible, of course, but users are basically buying content and nothing more here. One can download similar images from the web for free, but apparently many iPhone owners would rather shell out $0.99 every now and then.

Since all these apps are essentially interchangeable, success in this space is more about marketing than the product itself. Cousins says, 'My strategy has been to cover different items that my audience ... enjoys and use that to cross promote the different apps I have.'

iJiggles Your mum

iTunes link
Developer: Smells Like Donkey, Inc.
Price: $0.99
What you're buying: An earlier, breast-oriented jiggle app was removed from the app store by the censors. iJiggles your mum gets around this by letting users jiggle selected portions of any photo -- if they do inappropriate things with it, it's their fault, not the app's.

But we all know what's really going on here, as this YouTuber demonstrates:

Video Strip Poker

iTunes link Removed
Developer: Arawella Corporation
Price: $2.99
What you're buying: You play poker against a still photo of an attractive woman. Each time you win a piece of her clothing, you get to see a brief video clip of her removing it.

The combination of poker without money on the line and stripping without nudity makes this one of the most unsatisfying apps we're aware of.

Strip Simon

iTunes link Removed
Developer: Multiinnovation
Price: $0.99
What you're buying: Simon, the classic memory game from Milton Bradley, doesn't lend itself to a strip version as readily as, say, poker, because it is a one player game.

But with the iPhone, anything is possible. Remember and recreate sequences of colours and tones to see video of hot women stripping.


iTunes link Removed
Developer: BottleCube Inc.
Price: $1.99
What you're buying: This app lets you lift the skirts of Japanese girls by blowing into your iPhone's microphone to create a virtual gust of wind.

Or, as the app's description puts it: 'Blow on the girls for thrills...see how the PUFF! girls react!' It works on so many levels.

Pocket Girlfriend

iTunes link Removed
Developer: Atrium Designs LLC
Price: $0.99
What you're buying: This app gives you a video girlfriend who lives in your pocket. Her hobbies include flashing you her midriff, and saying things that demean women. For instance:

  • 'It's important for me to stay in shape, but I would never make you go to the gym.'
  • 'Why would I want to talk about my feelings?'
  • 'Let me iron that for you'

Russian Brides Gallery

iTunes link Removed
Developer: Ketara Software
Price: $0.99
What you're buying: Functionally, this isn't much more than another racy pictures app. But evoking the Russian mail-order bride business is a stroke of evil marketing genius.


iTunes link
Developer: MyPleasure
Price: Free!
What you're buying: Want to take your love affair with your iPhone to the next level? There's an app for that.

Thanks to MyVibe, the sexual implications of the vibrate setting are no longer just the subject of cheap jokes.

Adult Tennis Boobs

iTunes link Removed
Developer: Overdamped
Price: $0.99
What you're buying:

What you're buying: The boob app space is incredibly competitive, so developers need to be imaginative to differentiate their products. Adult Tennis Boobs (hopefully the only product in the Tennis Boobs line) offers three categories:

  • Blondes
  • Brunettes
  • Special

Truth Or Dare

iTunes link
Developer: MountainDev
Price: $1.99
What you're buying: As far as on-screen action goes, what you see here is all you get with this app. Instead, Truth or Dare encourages you and your friends to be the porn you want to see in the world.

The app comes in Couples Edition, College Edition, Two Girls Edition, Three Way Edition, Drinking Edition, and more.

Sex Drive

iTunes link
Developer: Jakub Koter
Price: $1.99
What you're buying: When people are exposed to two tones of slightly different frequency, one in each ear (via headphones), they hear a single, oscillating tone. Neurophysiologists call these perceived tones 'binaural beats'.

Researchers have made all sorts of claims about the benefits of listening to binaural beats. They have been put forward as a way to reduce stress, overcome drug addiction, unlock repressed memories, and more.

Jakub Koter says listening to binaural beats on your iPhone via his Sex Drive app will ramp up your sex drive after 10-15 minutes.

Dirty Fingers: Screen Wash

iTunes link Removed
Developer: On The Go Girls
Price: $0.99
What you're buying: You touch the screen, 'dirtying' it. A hot girl in skimpy attire 'cleans' it from the inside. That's it.

There is a whole genre of apps just like it. And they say we're in a recession.

SlideHer: Tera Patrick

iTunes link Removed
Developer: Giant Mobile Corp.
Price: $0.99
What you're buying: The iTunes Store's censors ensure that only fake porn can make it on to your iPhone, but that doesn't mean that legitimate hardcore porn stars can't get in on the action.

This app features 30 classic sliding puzzles made from pictures of porn luminary Tera Patrick. Her day job might be having sex on camera for money, but this family-friendly app garners a 12+ rating.


iTunes link
Developer: Chris Alvares
Price: $0.99
What you're buying: When robots finally take over the world, their historians will no doubt say that their victory became inevitable the day humans decided to let iPhones be the judge of their sexual prowess.

Lay your iPhone on the bed before you start the deed. Passion uses the microphone and motion sensors to evaluate your stamina and your 'activity' level. Weird.

Nude It

iTunes link
Developer: Presselite
Price: $0.99
What you're buying: The concept behind this augmented reality app is terrific: Nude It displays the video feed from your camera, but whenever it detects a human face, it superimposes a body stripped down to underwear underneath it.

Sadly, the execution is apparently a disaster. The idea was lifted from the viral video below, in which the software works very well, by dint of being fake. The video's creators say they're working on their own version of the app.

This is what Apple allows in the App Store. Now see what they DON'T allow.

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