15 of the fastest growing startups in the world still flying under the radar

Pulsate CEO Patrick LeddyPulsatePulsate CEO Patrick Leddy

By now, startups like Slack, MongoDB, Cloudera, Pure Storage are well known for their fast-growing businesses.

But we wondered: Who are the fastest-growing startups in the world that serve businesses, that we should be hearing about next (i.e. enterprise startups)?

That’s a loaded question, we know. It all depends on your definition of “fastest growing.” Startups are private companies that don’t have to release their revenue numbers, so we couldn’t measure them that way.

We turned to PitchBook Data, a company that monitors the public records of venture and private equity funding, to help us.

No. 15, Pulsate: Helping retailers use iBeacons

Pulsate CEO Patrick Leddy

Company: Pulsate

Growth rate: ~9%

Last funding: a $US1.2 million seed round in January (at a 2.14x multiple)

Pulsate is an Dublin, Ireland, startup that offers a cloud service for managing iBeacons. It currently mostly targets retailers, helping them take advantage of Apple's location-transmitting devices (iBeacons).

No. 14, SkyGiraffe: Easy mobile apps

Company: SkyGiraffe

Growth rate: ~9%

Last funding: a $US3 million early stage round in February (at a 1.77x multiple)

Every company these days is writing custom mobile apps and Israeli company SkyGiraffe helps them easily build them, it says, without needing to hire expensive software developers.

No. 13, Inkshares: Kickstarter for book lovers


Company: Inkshares

Growth rate: ~9.5%

Last funding: an $US870,000 seed round in December (at a nearly 7.94x multiple)

Inkshares is a Kickstarter-style crowdfunded book publishing platform in San Francisco. Authors pitch their novels, readers vote by agreeing to buy the book, and with enough vote-orders, Inkshares publishes the book.

No. 12, Socialight Analytics: Listening on the internet

Company: Socialight Analytics

Growth rate: ~9.5%

Last funding: an $US80,000 seed round in October (at a 1.69x multiple)

Socialight is a recent graduate from 500 Startups based in New York. It sifts through social media to analyse what particular sets of users are talking about (customers, competitors, etc.) and then offers specific suggestions to the business based on what it finds.

No 11, Confluent: Big data from LinkedIn

Company: Confluent

Growth rate: ~9.8%

Last funding: $US6.9 million early stage round in November (at a 5.44x multiple)

Confluent was founded by former LinkedIn employees who built a software project called Apache Kafka and gave it away as a free and open-source project. LinkedIn used it to collect data from all over its network.

Now the startup is offering a commercial version for other businesses to use. Confluent is in Mountain View, California, and is backed by LinkedIn and others.

No. 10, Fieldbook: The spreadsheet killer

Company: Fieldbook

Growth rate: ~10%

Last funding: A $US500,000 seed round in April (at a 3.13x multiple)

San Francisco startup Fieldbook lets you create a database as easily as you create a spreadsheet. It's intended for people that use spreadsheets to do things that a database really should do, like track incoming sales, manage a recruiting process and so on.

No. 9, Krux Digital: Serve up the right content

Company: Krux Digital

Growth rate: ~10%

Last funding: $US35 million series B round in June (at a 12x multiple)

San Francisco startup Krux helps marketers, publishers and agencies consolidate the data they have about their customers to show the customers more relevant content.

No. 8, Notey: Find great things to read on the 'net

Company: Notey

Growth rate: ~10.5%

Last funding: $US1.6 million in February (at a 6x multiple)

Notey is a Hong Kong startup that wants to help people discover great original content and blogs on the internet to help people research topics like, for example, when they are planning a far-flung travel itinerary.

No. 7, Rain: Send ads to local customers

Company: Rain

Growth rate: ~10.8%

Last funding: $US100,000 in August (at a 1.48x multiple)

RAIN is 500 Startups company based in L.A. It offers an ad network that helps small businesses reach local customers by targeting ads based on a mobile device's GPS location.

No.6, Peel-Works: Salesforce for small companies

Company: Peel-Works

Growth rate: ~12.6%

Last funding: $US2 million early stage round in July (at a .92x multiple)

Peel-Works is cloud based service based in Mumbai, India, that helps small and mid-sized businesses build a smarter salesforce through data and analytics.

No. 5, Mesosphere: Turning a data center into one big computer

Company: Mesosphere

Growth rate: ~13%

Last funding: a $US36 million early stage round in December (at a 23.56x multiple)

Mesosphere is a San Francisco startup building what it calls a new kind of 'data center operating system' that takes all the machines a company uses in the data center and makes them work like one big machine.

No. 4, Deem: Managing employee's expenses

Company: Deem

Growth rate: ~14%

Last funding: Deem became a so-called 'unicorn' startup with a $US50 million round (at a 47.19x multiple) in July that valued the company at $US1.4 billion.

Deem is a cloud-based, integrated suite of travel, expense, and purchasing management software based in San Francisco.

No. 3, Blitzen: Computer forms made easy

Company: Blitzen

Growth rate: ~16%

Last funding: undisclosed

Blitzen is an Ontario, Canada, startup that lets you build forms online, connect them to cloud apps like Google Apps, MailChimp, Salesforce, and Box to easily automate work processes.

No. 2, AppAnalytics: Watching mobile apps

Company: AppAnalytics

Growth rate: ~19%

Last funding: A $US300,000 seed round in January (at a .96x multiple)

Every business is building mobile apps these days and San Jose, California, AppAnalytics lets businesses track how those apps are performing. It's claim to fame is a 'heat map' that aggregates the data into a simple chart.

No. 1, ZoomCharts: Turn data into graphs

Company: ZoomCharts

Growth rate: ~37%

Last funding: A $US620,000 early stage round in December (at a 1.96x multiple).

ZoomCharts offers tools that lets companies easily turn their data into charts. It's an especially popular resource for Web developers and programmers building mobile apps.

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