15% Of Facebook Users Would Pay A Monthly Fee To See No Ads

facebook money

Facebook’s ad business might be doing well but according to a new poll by Greenlight, the social media platform is missing out on an untapped revenue stream.

Fifteen per cent of Facebook users said they would pay a monthly fee to see no ads. And 8% asked even offered to doll out between $5 and $10.

With 1.15 billion active users a month, that’s a pretty big segment.

This survey comes after Twitter co-founder Biz Stone suggested that the competitor launches Facebook Premium, an ad-free network that would charge $10 a month. That would bring in about $1 billion in revenue.

Facebook, however, has consistently assured users that it would never charge for its service.

Furthermore, Facebook’s Q2 2013 earnings exceeded expectations with its mobile ad revenue skyrocketing to $656 million, up from $375 million in Q1. It probably won’t be jeopardizing its ad business any time soon.

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