15 More Facts About China That Will Blow Your Mind

Chinese Head Hammer

Thanks to the ridiculous rate of change being forced upon China, the nation is filled with excess and economic distortion.

First, in case you missed them, check out the first 15 mind-blowing China facts.

From a city building multiple Manhattans to a desert destroying them, here are the next 15:

Chinese men outnumber women by 39 million -- over 10 times the population of Los Angeles

Thanks to a One Child policy that lets families try again if their first child was a girl, China has a skewed birth rate. Abortions based on gender and other illegal measures make the ratio even worse.

Source: US Census International Data Base

China has the world's biggest mall... but it's been 99% empty since 2005

Source: Daily Mail, Wikipedia: New South China Mall in Dongguan, China is the largest mall in the world based on gross leasable area, and ranked second in total area to the Dubai Mall. it has been 99% vacant since its 2005 opening.

Nearly 10,000 Chinese citizens each year are sucked into unsanctioned 'black jails'.

Black jails emerged following the prohibition of arbitrary detention, according to a report by Human Rights Watch. They are notorious for prisoner rape, starvation, and abuse.

If he spent his ENTIRE YEARLY INCOME on housing, the average Beijing resident could buy 10 square feet of residential property.

A square meter of residential property in Beijing costs an average of 26,000 yuan (US$3,800), but the average per capita monthly income is only 2,000 yuan, according to Asia Times.

Home resales have increased 350% in the past three years.

China's economy grew by 11.9% in the past year and its GDP chart 'has gone vertical':

China has more pigs than the next 43 pork producing countries combined

Chinese consume 3 million cigarettes every minute

Source: WHO

80% of US toys are made in China

Shanghai built 1,500 miles of road in the past decade. That's three Manhattan's worth of streets

China is planning a train system that will link London to Beijing in two days, travelling 200mph.

Source: Daily Mail

China's enormous Gobi Desert is the size of Peru and expanding 1,400 square miles per year due to water source depletion, over-foresting, and over-grazing. That's 60 Manhattans every year.

Source: Wikipedia

Sizzling is an understatement for some Chinese property markets -- home prices in Haikou have jumped 54% in the past year.

Beijing held the most expensive Olympics ever at a cost of $40 billion. This summer's Shanghai Expo costs even more -- $45 billion.

There are 292 individual languages still spoken in China. This is even more than the 175 languages spoken in the world's melting pot, America.

Only 70% of Chinese speak Mandarin as their mother tongue despite substantial efforts at standardization by the government.

Source: Ethnologue

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