Note To Filmmakers: 15 Famous Figures We Think Are Ready For Their Biopic Close-Ups

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If the word from critics is right, the HBO movie “Game Change” about Sarah Palin‘s quest for vice presidency has real knock-out performances. Starring Julianne Moore as Palin and Ed Harris as John McCain, the film follows the former VP hopeful through her public and personal highs and lows during the McCain campaign. 

While it’s exciting to watch a biography of Palin’s life during the few months of her candidacy, there are several other public figures who deserve their time back in the spotlight. 

From Chris Farley and Kurt Cobain to Hillary Clinton, here are a few famous figures we’d like to see portrayed on the big screen.

Hillary Clinton

The former first lady and current Secretary of State is the perfect icon for a biopic. While we all know the stoic woman in front of the cameras and behind the podium, what we really want to know about is life behind closed doors with President Bill Clinton.

Possible actresses to play Clinton:

Meryl Streep

Emma Thompson

Helen Hunt

Chris Farley

'Saturday Night Live' funnyman Chris Farley struggled with drug addiction and sought treatment several times with unsuccessful results but also produced some hilarious classics on the sketch comedy show. There was even talk of a possible Broadway play about his life.

But who has the comedy chops and dramatic acting ability to play the comedian with a dark side on film?

Possible actors to play Farley:

Josh Gad

Jonah Hill

Alan Pagano

Richard Pryor

From his health problems to setting himself on fire while freebasing on cocaine (seriously), there's no wonder why this legendary comedian's name has been at the top of the biopic list for several years.

It's about time this happened.

Possible actors to play Pryor:

Eddie Murphy

Damon Wayans Jr.

Jamie Foxx

Gloria Steinem

As one of the most influential feminists of all time, Gloria Steinem should be given a film to show her strength and vulnerabilities. It would make appreciating a whole lot easier.

In the upcoming 'Lovelace' pic, Sarah Jessica Parker just replaced Demi Moore to play Steinem in the bit role.

But below are our top picks to play Steinem in a full-length version about the feminist's life.

Possible actress to play Steinem:

Mary Louise Parker

Hilary Swank

Kathryn Hahn

Andrew Jackson

Former President Andrew Jackson was known for tenacity and his uncompromising attitude about the American life. It would be intriguing to see how Jackson justified the Trail of Tears.

Plus the Broadway show 'Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson' was a critical hit.

Possible actors to play Jackson:

Keifer Sutherland

Edward Norton

Christian Bale

Kurt Cobain

It's almost impossible to make a proper biopic about Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain without running into controversy with either ex-beau Courtney Love or Nirvana band mate Dave Grohl. The two have hated each other since Cobain was alive.

But the man behind music like 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' deserves to have his story told properly, in our opinion.

Possible actors to play Cobain:

Michael Pitt

Ben Foster

Sam Riley

Orson Welles

Technically, there have already been a few attempts to tell Orson Welles' story.

'Me and Orson Welles' shows a young man learning about life after being cast in a production of 'Julius Caesar' by Welles. And the made for TV movie 'RKO 281' took a look inside the making of the ultimate Orson Welles masterpiece 'Citizen Kane.'

But the man's life as a whole remains, for the most part, untouched.

Possible actors to play Welles:

Leonardo DiCaprio

Christian McKay

Vincent D'Onofrio

J.K. Rowling

Considering J.K. Rowling wrote out the plot for the first in her monster hit series 'Harry Potter' on a napkin, it's safe to say the woman has had an interesting life. A true rags to riches story.

Just taking a look into how she came up with such amazing characters like Harry, Ron and Hermione could be a movie itself.

Possible actress to play Rowling:

Kate Winslet

Cate Blanchett

Naomi Watts

Janis Joplin

Another figure who's name has circled the biopic water cooler chatter. Originally there was talk of 'New Girl' star Zooey Deschanel playing the famed 'Piece of My Heart' singer Janis Joplin.

But the talk died down until it was resurrected a few years ago with 'Doubt' star Amy Adams attached to star. Now the story is back in limbo.

Too bad Bette Midler is too old for the part now, because she was brilliant in 'The Rose' as Mary Rose Foster, a character based on Janis Joplin.

Possible actress to play Joplin:

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Jennifer Lawrence

Judy Greer

Mario Balotelli

Italian soccer star Mario Balotelli is only 21 years old but his life is already filled with controversy for his crazy on and off-the-field antics.

Possible actors to play Balotelli:

Anthony Mackie

Elijah Kelly

Michael B. Jordan

Jacob Riis

The iconic journalist Jacob Riis would be perfect to study on film to see how he was able to find so many interesting subjects to photograph and write about.

Riis was famous for taking a peek behind the most impoverished of neighborhoods and trying to help reform them to make his New York City a better place to live.

Possible actors to play Riis:

Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Kevin Spacey

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Audrey Hepburn

The last time someone tried to make a biopic on Audrey Hepburn's life, it turned out to be a made for TV movie dud starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Isn't it time for someone else to try fitting into the shoes of the famed 'My Fair Lady' and 'Roman Holiday' actress?

Possible actors to play Hepburn:

Carey Mulligan

Lily Collins

Keira Knightley

Richard Burton

Not only was 'Cleopatra' actor Richard Burton involved in a love affair with his iconic co-star Elizabeth Taylor, he was possibly also a closeted homosexual and had a strong addiction to alcohol.

Possible actors to play Burton:

Russell Crowe

Daniel Craig

Viggo Mortensen

F. Scott Fitzgerald And His Wife Zelda

The 'Great Gatsby' writer F. Scott Fitzgerald and his flapper wife Zelda are great examples of character study. Their marriage was said to be a very tempestuous one as Zelda became more and more mentally unstable, F. Scott became more and more reliant on alcohol.

Finally Zelda was admitted to a mental hospital where she tried to write her own book that drew from personal experiences.

Alison Pill and Tom Hiddleston briefly played the couple in last year's critically acclaimed 'Midnight in Paris' but we want to give someone else a shot for a full-length look into the couple's complicated relationship.

Possible actors to play the couple:

Tom Hiddleston/ Ginnifer Goodwin

Jonathan Tucker/ Alison Pill

Joseph Gordon-Levitt/ Mary Elizabeth Winsted

Dick Cheney

Former Vice President Dick Cheney was said to be the brains behind the Bush administration. That added to his reign of Halliburton and his hunting incident where he accidentally shot his friend in the face makes for a perfect biopic.

Richard Dreyfuss already played the icon in the George Bush biopic 'W.' by Oliver Stone. But President Bush wasn't the only interesting member of the Bush administration.

Possible actors to play Cheney:

Paul Giamatti

Stanley Tucci

Richard Jenkins

Now check out an actress who has played an iconic figure...

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