15 Futuristic Gadgets Apple Is Dreaming Up (And Patenting)

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Apple recently filed a patent application for a heart sensor built in to an iPhone casing that would serve as a biometric security device.

That sounds straight out of science-fiction, but it’s just another day at the Apple patent factory. Apple is constantly filing new patents for awesome-sounding new technology. Some of that tech ends up as terrific, real-life gadgets; much of it never comes to anything.

There are too many patent applications flowing out of Cupertino to keep track of easily. Fortunately, there’s Patently Apple, a blog dedicated exclusively to monitoring Apple innovation. We pulled 15 of the coolest, craziest gadget concepts Apple has been playing with over the past few months.

There are already ways to control all sorts of gadgets from your iPhone.

Apple is looking at enabling all of that and more itself. Who doesn't want to control an Xbox 360 with the iPhone?

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There are already dozens of travel-oriented apps for the iPhone (and for the iPad).

The developers of these apps had better watch out: Apple is working on its own app to do it all in one place.

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This is related to the existing Nike+iPod system, which tracks you while you run and provides helpful metrics about your trip, your speed, the calories you burned, and more.

The patent suggests that Apple may be making the system even more advanced than it already is.

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