15 Facts About China That Will Blow Your Mind

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Despite all the wild stories you have already heard about China, expect the nation to keep blowing your mind.

That’s because not only is China enormous and highly diverse, but most importantly, it’s rapidly changing.

Thus China’s future already looks far different today than even five years ago. It’s surely not your father’s ‘Red China’, or even your older brother’s ‘Made in China’…

15 Facts About China That Will Blow Your Mind >

By 2025, China will build 10 New York-sized cities.

By 2030, China will add more new city-dwellers than the entire U.S. population.

China already consumes twice as much steel as the US, Europe and Japan combined.

China is the steel market.

Even in 2010, as developed nation steel demand is expected to rebound, Chinese steel demand will still dwarf all other major economies.

This also means that China drives the seaborne iron ore and coking coal markets as well, as these commodities are key ingredients in steel.

Source: Business Insider, Posco Steel

If the Chinese, one day, use as much oil per person as Americans, then the world will need seven more Saudi Arabias to meet their demand.

There are already more Christians in China than Italy, and China is on track to become the largest centre of Christianity in the world.

Due to the extremely rapid expansion of Christianity in China, there are now an estimated 54 million Christians in the country comprised of about 40 million Protestants and 14 million Catholics.

Meanwhile, Italy has just 60 million people in total, of which only 79% are Christian these days. Which means Italy has 47.4 million Christians, a full 12% less than China. It's partly because 16% of Italians are now irreligious.

Moreover, China's Christian population is set to grow far more rapidly than Italy's, or even much of the world's even.

'...is not going to stop China from soon becoming home to the largest Christian population on the globe, says the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, in an excellent and well-balanced article he recently wrote for the Great Britain-China Centre.'

Source: Wikipedia, Shanghaist etc.

Chinese are far more likely to believe in evolution than Americans.

'Only Russia (48%), USA (42%), South Africa (41%) and Egypt (25%) remained sceptical about the scientific evidence that exists to support Darwin's theory.

The results also show that a significant proportion of those people surveyed in the USA, South Africa and India (43%) believe that all life on Earth, including human life, has always existed in its current form.

In all other countries, people in China (74%), Mexico (69%), Argentina (68%), Great Britain (63%) Russia, Spain (56%), and Egypt (52%) were of the view that more people thought that life on Earth, including human life, evolved over time either by a process guided by God or as a result of natural selection in which no God played a part.'

Source: British Council

Chinese internet users are five times as likely to have blogs as Americans.

Yet these prolific bloggers are under the watchful eye of an internet police army:

'Although the existence of an internet police force - estimated at more than 30,000 - has been known for some time, attention has previously focused on their work as censors and monitors. Countless critical comments appear on bulletin boards of major portals such as Sohu and Sina only to be erased minutes, or sometimes just seconds, later. In the most recent case, all postings that blamed corrupt local officials or slow-moving police for the deaths of 88 children in floods last Friday were removed almost as soon as they appeared.'

Source: Business Insider, The Guardian

China has 150% more soldiers than America does, plus a high tech 'Kill Weapon' the U.S. can't deal with.

China still hasn't rid itself of Europe's medieval plague.

40% of Chinese small businesses went bust or almost went bust during the world financial crisis.

'According to a report issued last week by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 20 per cent of small businesses had crashed and another 20 per cent went 'to the brink of bankruptcy' during the climax of the global financial crisis from October 2008 to March last year.

'According to my research, to date, most of the 20 per cent on the brink of failure have been revived thanks to the recovering economy,' said Chen Naixing, economist and director of the academy's small business research centre.'

Source: The Australian (Jan 2010)

China executes three times as many people as the rest of the world COMBINED... and uses mobile execution vans for efficiency.

China averages 274 protests PER DAY.

'Although there are an estimated 100,000 mass protests in China each year, the vast majority occur in the countryside among desperate and angry peasants, and are quickly suppressed and censored.'

Source: The Telegraph

When you buy Chinese stocks, you are basically financing the Chinese government. Eight of Shanghai's top 10 stocks are state-controlled arms of the government.

Eight of the 10 largest stocks on the Shanghai Stock Exchange are nothing but state-controlled companies:

  • PetroChina
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  • Sinopec
  • Bank of China
  • China Shenhua Energy Company
  • China Life Insurance Company
  • Bank of Communications

Source: Wikipedia etc.

50% of counterfeit goods come from China.

The majority of Chinese drink polluted water.

China has 20% of the world's population but only 7% of global water resources.

To make matters worse, 90% of cities' groundwater and 75% of rivers and lakes are polluted according to the World Bank.

This means that 700 million people drink contaminated water every day.

Source: Wikipedia, World Bank

Bonus: Chinese GDP could overtake the U.S. as soon as the early 2020s.

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