These are the big shots who live at 15 Central Park West, the world's most powerful address

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: 15 Central Park West is the most powerful apartment building in the world. The Manhattan condo is filled with bankers, hedge funders, business tycoons, and foreign billionaires. Goldman Sachs has a major presence in the building, as do some huge hedge funds.

As is increasingly common in New York City’s luxury towers, many of the owners at 15 Central Park West have shielded their identities by using LLCs and trusts to buy their apartments. We worked with Michael Gross, author of 15 Central Park West chronicle “House of Outrageous Fortune,” to unmask the identities of most of the building’s residents.

The graphic below offers the most possible complete view of the origins of wealth inside the thick limestone walls of the world’s most powerful building.

The paperback version of “House of Outrageous Fortune” will be released on March 10. Preorder a copy here.

Hayley Hudson contributed to this post.

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