15 Bizarre Items The TSA Confiscated From Travellers And Posted On Instagram

With more than 122,000 followers, the Transportation Security Administration’s Instagram account is documenting the bizarre items confiscated at airport security across the country.

The Instagram account, created in June 2013, show items ranging from fireworks to ninja stars.


Caption: #TSATravelTip: Summer and fireworks seem to go hand in hand. These fireworks were a #TSAcatch from the Milwaukee Airport. Please remember that #fireworks are never permitted in carry-on or checked baggage.

Bear repellent.

Caption: #TSACatch - Eight ounces of bear repellent was detected in a carry-on bag at the #Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. While travelling can be a bear at times, bear repellent IS prohibited in the cabin of an aircraft. You can pack bear repellent in your checked bags if the volume is less than four ounces and it has less than a 2 per cent active ingredient of either CS or CN. Most bear repellents exceed these limitations.


Caption: These #batarangs were discovered in a carry-on bag at the #Newark Liberty International Airport. For more information on prohibited items, visit www.tsa.gov

Tasers disguised as bedazzled lipstick tubes.

Caption: #TSACatch: This bejeweled lipstick taser was discovered this week in a carry-on bag at the Detroit (#DTW) International Airport. See more prohibited items on the #TSA blog at http://blog.tsa.gov

Throwing stars.

Caption: This throwing star with six folding blades was discovered in a passenger's carry-on bag at the Las Vegas (#LAS) airport. Martial arts weapons are illegal in certain states and can lead to arrest even when discovered in checked baggage. Read more about prohibited items at the #TSA web page at www.tsa.gov


Caption: Discovered in a carry-on bag at the #Chicago #Illinois Midway (MDW) International Airport. See more pictures of prohibited items discovered this week at blog.tsa.gov

Smartphone cases with built-in knives.

Caption: #TSAcatch: This smartphone case was discovered at the Boston (#BOS) International Airport. Please remember, all knives are prohibited from being carried onto the cabin of an aircraft.

Knives that look like combs.

Caption: #TSACatch: This comb-knife was discovered in a passenger's carry-on bag at the Detroit (#DTW) Airport in Michigan. See other prohibited items on the #TSA blog at blog.tsa.gov.

Knives that look like credit cards.

Caption: #TSAcatch: 28 credit card knives were discovered last week at #TSA checkpoints across the nation. Please make sure you know what's in your wallet prior to arriving at the airport. Items like these are out of sight and out of mind and are easily forgotten.

Mortar rounds.

Caption: #TSAcatch - This inert 60mm mortar round was discovered at the Washington Dulles (IAD) airport earlier this month. See more prohibited items in this week's 'TSA Week in Review' blog post at blog.tsa.gov #DC #TSA

Costume watches that look like homemade bombs.

Caption: If it looks suspicious, we take it seriously. Novelty items like this costume watch found at #Oakland International Airport can cause alarm at #TSA screening lanes and lead to delays. Be mindful of what you pack. #TSATravelTips

Swords hidden inside canes.

Caption: #TSACatch This cane sword was discovered last week at the #Ontario (#ONT) International Airport in California. Cane swords are discovered on an almost weekly basis at #TSA checkpoints across the nation. See more prohibited items on the TSA blog at blog.tsa.gov.

Drugs hidden inside hollowed-out books.

Caption: #TSACatch: During a routine #TSA bag search at #Philadelphia International Airport, these narcotics were discovered in a hollowed out book. While #TSA is not looking for narcotics, we report them to the proper authorities when they are discovered.

A meat cleaver.

Caption: #TSACatch: This meat cleaver was discovered in a carry-on bag at the #StLouis airport. Meat cleavers, as well as all other types of knives no matter how big or small are prohibited in carry-on bags. You can however pack knives in your checked luggage. Read more about permitted and prohibited items at TSA.gov.

81 pounds of marijuana.

Caption: Last week, 81 pounds of marijuana were discovered in checked baggage at the Oakland (#OAK) International Airport. Part of TSA's mission is to protect the nation's transportation systems by keeping dangerous items off of commercial aircraft, but when contraband is found, it must be reported to local law enforcement. Especially when it's 81 pounds of contraband.

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