14 things every guy can learn from Ed Helms’ style transformation

In the public eye, guys can’t hide their fashion and grooming missteps. Captured by photographers and torn apart by magazine editors, it’s plain to see.

Ed Helms, of the “The Office,” “The Hangover,” and “The Daily Show” fame, is one such guy, but his story is a bit different. Seemingly indifferent to fashion for years, he’s recently turned his style life around.

Take a look at some of the mistakes he was making back in 2011:

Ed helms bad
Helms attends the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Getty/Jemal Countess

Mismatched colours: Who told him these colours go together?

Grown-out hairstyle: Helms looks like he hasn’t had a cut in a while, and his hair has no particular style to it.

Out-of-fashion sweater: No one wears argyle sweaters anymore. No one.

Jacket sleeves too long: The sleeve of your jacket shouldn’t touch your palm, much less engulf it. Helms needed to get this jacket tailored.

Pre-washed denim: Dark-washed denim would have served Helms much better here.

Dirty/clunky boots: While this setting isn’t exactly the red carpet, it isn’t the woods of Maine, either. If you’re going to be photographed, leave the work boots on the farm.

Ill-fitting jeans: There’s no mincing words here: Helms’ denim does not fit properly. It’s both too long and too wide. He would have been better served by a slimmer-fitting cut of jean in a higher inseam.

Now check out all the things he’s doing right in 2015:

Ed helms good
Helms is photographed at Jon Stewart’s final episode of ‘The Daily Show.’ Getty/Jemal Countess

Trendy fade haircut: Helms’ fade haircut is one of the trendiest styles today. He’s also clearly got some product in his hair, lending an effortless, slicked-back look.

Trendy suit colour: More interesting than navy yet not quiet as adventurous as cobalt, Helms’ suit colour lies somewhere in between. It’s the perfect choice for an informal event, such as Jon Stewart’s going away party.

Spread collar: Helms is aware that most guys are choosing spread collars these days, and it frames his face perfectly.

Shirt cuff showing: Ditching the absurdly long sleeves of 2011, Helms is showing a bit of shirt cuff — the mark of a properly fitted, well-tailored jacket.

Good tie length: The perfect tie length hits halfway down your front pants button. Helms has got this style rule down pat.

No belt: For today’s man, belts are optional. After all, if you need a belt to hold up your pants, they don’t really fit you. Wearing no belt is a choice, and it’s one that Helms pulls off flawlessly.

Great fit: Helms has come a long way since his terrible denim days. His suit in this photo fits impeccably.

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