14 Services For The Super Rich You Never Knew Existed

The rich and famous really have it made.

Not only do they own expensive homes and cars, but they also pay for some amazing perks that make their day-to-day lives that much simpler.

We culled the responses from a recent /r/AskReddit thread which asked about the craziest services and products for the 1% that most of us didn’t even know existed.

Turns out there are a lot more services for the wealthy than chauffeurs and personal chefs. Here were some of our favourites:

1. Baller fine art insurance

“And I don’t mean, ‘Sorry you lost it in the hurricane, here’s your paycheck’ insurance. I mean, ‘The area is flooded and riots are breaking out. We’re going to send a SWAT-like team to helicopter in and fly your assets out of the area and into a safer place.'” – Gevurah

SWAT team

2. Night Nannies

“If the celebrity mum is breastfeeding, the night nanny will come wake up the celeb at regular intervals, then when the feeding is over, take the baby and soothe it back to sleep.” – Harbogoldbear

3. Full-service travel agents

“Books flights and hotels and arranges visas. Also handles money for you (when you travel to another country). Got a problem? Don’t call the airline or hotel, call the agent. She’ll fix it or get fired.” – MistaSchlong

Travel Bag

4. Christmas Tree Stylist

“A $20,000 handmade Christmas tree put in your home every year and trashed on Jan 1st.” – Colin8651

Christmas Tree Worker

5. Personal Shoppers

“She has my entire wardrobe organised and coded in a database, and keeps track of new designer trends…She has all my sizes and we re-measure twice a year, so I don’t have to go hunting for sizing or tailoring.” – annoy-nymous

6. Doctor House Calls

“We can set up a whole hospital suite in the comfort of your personal mansion, with private nurses and staff. It gives you optimal care, prevents [healthcare-associated infections], and gives you much more dignity when dying.” – doctorchick

hospital room

7. Hooker Liaison Manager

“A mate of mine works on a super yacht for some playboy billionaire and part of his job is to get rid of the passed out hookers every morning and take them back to shore, then line up the next flock.” – awan001

sugar daddy hooker prostitute money date

8. PRIMA Cinema Services ($35,000)

“Newly released movies at home, the same day they open in theatres.” – BobBerbowski and faded_again

home theatre

9. Private Suites At Events Private Suites At Events:

“At Madison Square Garden, for instance, your suite is like a living room with a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the event floor. You are also given access to a lounge area where you can watch the players come out of the locker room.” – MistaSchlong

Chase Facebook madison square garden

10. Heated Driveways

“So you don’t have to wait for the plow guy.” – colin8651

11. Crestron Security System

“They control everything from music to temperature to the alarm system from an iPad-type device.” –

12. A Family Office

“An all-purpose financial hub just for you that includes the services of accountants, investment managers, tax lawyers, personal lawyers, insurance professionals, financial planners, and concierge staff that cater to all your financial needs.” – annoy-nymous


13. Flying Domestically With No Security Check

“Most people know that the wealthy fly private. Not everyone knows that this allows them to just walk (or drive) right up to the aircraft with no security screening or luggage inspection.” – real_mermaid and damascusraven

vista jet private flight new york montreal

14. Amex Platinum and Black Card Concierge

“You’d be amazed how many thousands of people don’t buy tickets themselves, don’t plan their own weddings/engagements, doctors appointments, arrangements to pick their kids up from ballet/school/random location.” The Amex concierge does it all for them. – woolife

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