14 Magazine Covers That Spiced Up The Campaign Trail

Mitt Romney Businessweek

This week, Bloomberg Businessweek generated quite the buzz with this proposed magazine cover.

Though they ultimately chose not to run it, the now famous image of a battered and bloodied Mitt Romney has stoked some serious controversy.

But this isn’t the first time a publication has tread the line between clever and offensive. In fact, throughout history, presidents and presidential candidates have frequently found themselves the subject of some pretty dicey covers.

Here are just a few notable examples.


A Trio Of Bloodied Candidates

Michele Bachman's Crazy Eyes

Sarah Palin's Mustache

The New Yorker Gets Edgy

The New Republic Burns Clinton

The Nation Slams Bush

Palin Shows Off Her Legs

Bill Spreads His

And No That's Not Al Gore's

And Finally, We've Got Herr Giuliani

Shooter Gingrich

Evil Obama

And Wimpy Bush

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