14 Ways An Economist Might Say 'I Love You'


Photo: AlonsoP / Flickr, CC

In love and economics, words only go so far.That’s why we turn to charts… in both love and economics.

Elizabeth Fosslien, a chartsmith and analyst at Arc Worldwide, created 14 admittedly cheesy charts that communicate love through economic puns.

“Give them one of these (charts) and anything they receive next year will be a step up. It’s called expectation management and is the key to a long and happy relationship,” she says.

Check out these swoon-inducing charts that she created, perfect for telling your true love just exactly how much they mean to you.

Thanks to Elizabeth for giving us permission to feature these charts!

Love transcends the principle of diminishing returns

You're off the charts

For richer or poorer

And if you're lucky, you'll get to see the naked credit default swaps

Like markets, love can be irrational

Greg Mankiw's Pigou Club wasn't worthy of you anyway

John Nash may have sent one of these smooth Valentine's messages

In love, interest is high

Not all bear markets are bad

You make my confidence go up

It's economics 101

Perfectly inelastic

An increasing slice of love pie

Confused? Let me explain over dinner

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