14 Horrible Things That Can Happen If You Sit At Your Desk For Too Long

Why sitting at your desk is slowly killing you. Photo: Flickr/ DrBradPluckhan

For many people, office work involves extended periods of time at their desk. For some, it can be all day.

Despite the growing availability of ergonomic products and workplace offerings like flexible gym hours, scientists believe many desk jockeys will have already done lasting damage to their bodies as a result of sitting down all day.

According to Peter T. Katzmarzyk, Ph.D.:

    “Even within physically active individuals, there was a strong association between sitting and risk of mortality… This is an important observation because it suggests that high amounts of sitting cannot be compensated for with occasional leisure time physical activity even if the amount exceeds the current minimum physical activity recommendations.”

It’s hard to imagine such a simple, unconscious act can bet so detrimental to our heath but in fact there are many devastating implications from working at a desk.

Here are 11 adverse effects on the body that can occur from sitting at your desk for too long.