14 Sleek iPhone Accessories That Will Make Your Life Better

We scoured Pinterest, Etsy and innovative stores for sleek accessories that will keep your iPhone charged, free of dust, and improve the quality of your photos.

Basically, if you want to max out your iPhone and everything it can do, this is for you.

Whooz vinyl labels cover chargers with funny faces so you can tell your cord apart from a co-workers. A set of Whooz costs $US12.95 from WhoozIzIt.com.

Turn of lights or adjust mood lighting in your home with these Wifi LED lights that sync up to your iPhone. No more getting up to flip a switch. These cost $US99 at FrontGate.com.

For an iPhone stand that also keeps dust out of your phone, try these nifty little shoes from Etsy for $US5.

If you're a camera buff who's frustrated with the iPhone's limited zoom, try a clip-on lens like the ones Four Corner Store makes for $US19.95.

If you don't have room for a keyboard in your bag or on your desktop, you can beam one onto a flat surface with this Front Gate laser for $US99.

Hide wires while you're charging with custom-made iPhone wall holders from Etsy. They cost $US35.

If it's cold out, these $US50 cashmere gloves will allow you to continue swiping and stay warm with their iPhone-friendly finger tips. You can find cheaper ones on Amazon or at North Face.

When both your wallet and your phone won't fit in your pocket, try a combination like the Myra leather case for $US60 (left) or the Hex gold case for $US44 (right).

Need an extra charge? This tiny Power Mate Plus will give you an extra few hours of charge and costs about $US30. It's sold at places like J Crew and Birchbox.

Still struggling to type without keys? Try Ryan Seacrest's invention, Typo, that's also an iPhone 5 case for $US99.

If you take a lot of iPhone photos, you can print digital copies with a printer like the $US150 Photo Cube.

The Joby GorillaPod keeps your iPhone propped up in any situation and costs $US39.95. It can be bent to position an iPhone to take the best photo from the best angle possible.

The Steelie Nite Ize car mount is tiny and uses a strong magnet to hook any size iPhone to your car dashboard and turn Google Maps into a GPS for your vehicle. It costs $US34.99.

For a case that's also a charger, try the Mophie Juice pack. It costs about $US80 and it will add an extra 80% battery life to your device.

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