The 9 best computer tricks everyone should know

If there’s one thing Reddit users are good at, it’s coming up with clever tricks — especially on computers.

Recently a Redditor asked fellow users what computer tricks everyone should know. People submitted a wealth of tricks for Macs, PCs, web browsers, specific sites like YouTube, programs like Excel, and more. What they all had in common was that using them makes your computer life a whole lot easier and more fun.

We looked through the tricks and found the best 9, which are a mixture of useful and mischievous.

Here they are:

Get back that tab you accidentally closed.

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If you want to get back a tab you closed, just press 'Control' (or 'Command' on Mac), plus 'Shift,' plus 'T,' and it will magically reappear.

Source: Reddit.

Open a link in a new browser tab with one click.

Natalie Walters

If you click the 'middle' button on your mouse, you will open the link in a new browser tab. And if you middle-click an open tab, it will close it.

Source: Reddit.

Make a copy of a file by just dragging it.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

All you have to do to make a copy of a file on a Mac is hold the 'Alt' key ('Control' if you are using a PC) and then click and drag the file. This will make a copy that you can drop anywhere you want by un-clicking.

Source: Reddit.

Pause YouTube with one click, or skip backwards and forwards 10 seconds.

Most people know you can hit the spacebar to pause a YouTube video, but sometimes this causes it to scroll down the page if you haven't already clicked on the video. If you press 'K,' this will play (or pause) the video every time.

Hitting the 'J' key will cause you to go backward 10 seconds, while hitting the 'L' key will make you go forward 10 seconds.

Source: Reddit.

Move your window to any side of the screen, or to the next monitor.


If you click the 'Windows' key, plus one of the arrows (right, left, up, down), your current window will move to that side of the screen.

Similarly, 'Windows,' plus 'Shift,' plus one of the arrows will move your window into whatever monitor is that way (right, for example).

Unfortunately, this only works for Windows machines.

Source: Reddit.

Clear you cache in seconds.

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Quickly clear your cache by pressing 'Control,' plus 'Shift,' plus 'R.' This will also refresh your page.

Source: Reddit.

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