This 13-Year-Old Teaches MIT Graduates About Technology

Quin EtnyreScreenshot/BBCQuin Etnyre teaching MIT graduates about Arduino

Quin Etnyre, a 13-year-old tech expert, teaches graduate students at MIT all about Arduino,
an open source platform for controlling electronics.
We first saw the news on BBC.

Etnyre is also the CEO at Qtechknow, a startup that sells starter kits for Arduino.

The 13-year-old has created numerous projects, but one especially notable one is the FuzzBot.

The FuzzBot is an Arduino-based robot platform. Etnyre programmed the FuzzBot to detect walls, hands, and has a swiffer duster attached to the back for cleaning.

But when he’s not running his company, Entyre teaches an Arduino class at MIT. Some say he’s one of MIT’s most in-demand teachers.

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