The New Face Of CoverGirl Is A 13-Year-Old Cancer Patient

Talia covergirlCoverGirl released a campaign-style image today featuring the 13-year-old beauty blogger’s face.

Photo: CoverGirl

13-year-old Talia Joy Castellano of Orlando has had a tough past six years.At the age of seven, she was diagnosed with neuroblatoma, the most common extracranial solid cancer for children, and in August of this year she was found to have pre-leukemia. 

Despite her hardships, Talia has found happiness in make-up and in creating YouTube make-up tutorials. The description on her videos says, “I don’t like wearing wigs so I wear makeup to feel good and pretty inside — and I guess outside.”

Talia’s makeup tutorial videos each get around 75,000 clicks and her YouTube page has been viewed  over 14.5 million times over.

In September, Talia caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres and the daytime talk show host featured the 13-year-old on her September 13th episode — and as usual, had a big surprise for her guest.

DeGeneres revealed that Talia had been chosen as an honorary CoverGirl and that the beauty company had sent her a make-up table, make-up, and a check for $20,000.

Talia’s CoverGirl campaign image was released today.

Watch Talia’s appearance on Ellen below:
Watch Talia break the news of her leukemia diagnosis to her fans. She says, “I’m a very strong person when it comes to dealing with what I’m being told, and taking it in very easily. But, basically there are not really a lot of options for treatment anymore.” She tells her fans she is considering not getting the bone marrow transplant because her doctors told her it would be the hardest thing she has had to do thus far. 

Watch one of Talia’s many make-up tutorials. 

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