The 13 Types Of Political Selfies

2014 is fast shaping up to be the Year of the Selfie with countless boldface names attempting to go viral by turning their mobile phones on themselves and tweeting and ‘gramming the results. Since politicians are always eager to use digital trends to self-promote, they have jumped all over the selfie bandwagon. Generally, the results of their efforts seem to fall into a few main categories. Business Insider dug through the archives to bring you this guide to the 13 types of political selfies you may encounter in the wild.

The Somewhat Inappropriate Selfie

Obama experienced a backlash after he posed for a selfie with British Prime Minister David Cameron, and Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning at Nelson Mandela's funeral last December. The incident was a lesson that every political event might not be the right time for a selfie.

The Unintentional Endorsement

Red Sox player David Ortiz snapped this selfie with President Obama when he visited the White House on Monday as part of his endorsement deal with Samsung. The White House later said Obama didn't know the selfie was part of a marketing scheme.

The Triple Selfie

Some politicians manage to pose for multiple simultaneous selfies. German Chancellor Angela Merkel pulled off an impressive triple selfie when she visited a high school in Berlin on Monday.

The Revolutionary Selfie

Here Ukrainian opposition leader Vitali Klitschko proves the revolution will be selfied. Klitschko, the leader of the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform party posed with supporters when he visited London last month following protests in his country that ousted President Viktor Yanukovych in February.

The Office Selfie

Politicians often stafe selfies with the people who visit them in their workspace. Here's Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posing for an impressive double selfie outside of a cabinet meeting at his office on March 30.

The Diplomatic Selfie

Selfies can build bridges between nations. François Hollande exemplified this new type of digital diplomacy when he gave these Chinese tourists the ultimate souvenir from their trip to France at last September's opening ceremony of the 7th Francophone Games in Nice.

The Embattled Selfie

Even divisive politicians ar eable to experience the pleasures of the selfie. Groups of people in Venezuela have taken to the streets to protest President Nicolas Maduro, but he was all smiles when he posed for a selfie with actor Sean Penn and Hatian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe in Caracas last month.

The Campaign Trail Selfie

Posing for selfies is a great way to connect with supporters on the campaign trail. Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd may have lost his election last year, but his selfie game was undeniably strong at this event two days before the vote.

The Parody Selfie

On March 11, nine days after Ellen Degeneres shattered Twitter records with her star-studded selfie at the annual awards show, De Blasio imitated the stunt with members of New York City's political press corps on the steps of City Hall.

The Celebrity Selfie

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake posted this shot of himself alongside entrepreneur and reality television star Mark Cuban on his Twitter page March 4.

The Fan Selfie

Politicians, they're just like us. Sometimes lawmakers are the ones who want proof they met a famous face. Jeff Flake was obviously hyped about scoring this selfie with actress Bo Derek. He posted it on Twitter Wednesday along with a simple, excited message, '10!,' which was a reference to one of Derek's most memorable roles.

Contorted Face Selfies

Politicians aren't immune from the 'Weird Selfie Face' affliction. Secretary of State John Kerry suffered from it when he posed for this picture with Indonesian students in February. There's actually a scientific explanation for this unfortunate phenomenon.

The Vintage Selfie

Mike Huckabee was a political selfie pioneer. The former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate posed for a selfie taken with an old-school point-and-shoot camera while playing the bass at a campaign rally in 2008.

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