13 Things We Learned From 'The Walking Dead' Producer David Alpert

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We’re three episodes away from the season 3 finale of “The Walking Dead.”With The Governor out for Michonne’s blood, Merle (possibly) playing for the good guys again, and showrunner Glen Mazzara’s recent departure, what’s in store for Rick and the gang in the future?

Business Insider spoke with “The Walking Dead” producer David Alpert to get the low down on the rest of the action-packed season and what to expect now that Scott Gimple will be heading AMC’s hit zombie show.  

Alpert shared the direction for season four, actor Lennie James’ return as Morgan and whether we’ll see him again (don’t count it out!), and if we may see another love interest for Rick down the line.

Get excited!

Warning: If you’re not caught up, some spoilers may follow.

Yes, Rick is pretty much back to normal, for now.

This may not be the last we see of Morgan (Lennie James).

'I think there's a real desire on everyone's part to see Lennie James again,' says Alpert. 'Morgan's character is fascinating. I think the rest of us fans want to see more of him, so I feel like there's a real opportunity. I don't know that it will necessarily be as part of the group in quite the same way. I hope we will see Lennie James again.'

Morgan (Lennie James) was supposed to come back last season.

Why the cast never has a gas shortage:

Between outings to Woodbury, supply runs, and Rick venturing on a roadtrip to his hometown, the group guzzles a lot of gas.

Shouldn't we be running out of resources in a zombie apocalypse?

Alpert says no way.

'A lot of people ran out of gas. You see a lot of those cars sort of abandoned on the highway, but then, what happened is that a lot of cars actually have gas in them. They were abandoned on the highway because they just got caught in traffic. There's so many fewer people left that actually gas isn't, I don't think, quite as limited. It's gotten more available per person as more people have died.'

Michonne could get turned over to the Governor.

A Rick and Michonne pairing is not out of the question.

Sure, Rick's wife Lori passed away a few episodes ago, and he has a new baby to take care of, but that didn't stop fans from suggesting there may be something more between the two after sharing an intimate conversation the other week.

'I would think that Rick's too caught up in Carl and making sure that he takes care of Judith to see that happen anytime soon, but beyond that, I would say never say never' says Alpert.

We may start seeing a whole different side to Merle.

Up until now, Merle has always been the big bad wolf on the show. Since reuniting with his brother, we're still not sure where his allegiances lie.

'I think we're going to see some real growth in Merle,' says Alpert. 'I think the Merle storyline is going to be really unexpected.'

Get ready to see more of baby Judith.

We haven't seen a whole lot of Rick's youngest child, but that will change.

'Clearly, from a safety perspective, it's a bad idea to have a baby in a prison, but from a humanity point of view, we have to find a way to let her exist,' says Alpert. 'We have to protect her and everybody knows that. What defines our group is that they believe in the future and they have to. I think what we're going to see as we move forward, maybe this season, maybe not, but we're going to see that Judith's role and existence is going to be more and more important to their identity.'

The show's going to get darker.

This season we saw Carl kill his mum, The Governor lose his eye, and the group's leader, Rick have a huge mental break down. (The man was having conversations with his dead wife.)

With three episodes left to go, it's not over yet.

'We're going to hit some really dark, nasty places,' says Alpert. '... like even darker than where we've been.'

However, Alpert says there will be moments of hope and optimism, too.

'As we go to those places, and we've done things that you may be sort of cringing from, bare with us because we're going to reward you for it,' says Alpert.

Probably not.

One of the teaser posters for the season, showed the Governor with his iconic eyepatch after Michonne left him blind out of one eye.

Though we've already seen the Governor wants to get his claws on the machete wielder, it may take longer than this season to fully flesh out his revenge.

'It will be an interesting thing to explore. We're far from done.' says Alpert. 'There's a lot more blood that needs to be spilled before that storyline gets resolved.'

Prepare for more zombies with new showrunner Scott Gimple in season 4.

However, it won't all be about the zombies. Gimple is big on character-driven stories.

Gimple has brought some of the biggest 'Walking Dead' scenes to the small screen from Sofia's reveal in season two to the return of Morgan. Expect to see more writing reflect that in the future.

'You're going to get that emotional closeness, you're going to be given a scene and see how these characters feel and react,' says Alpert. 'We'll really focus in on the emotions, the characters, and all those aspects.'

'As well, we're going to get a look into the long-term and short-term story arcs that are created from the build,' he added. 'The careful viewer will really be rewarded.'

By the end of the season, we may see another big death.

Don't count your chickens that everyone will make it out by the season's end.

'Nobody is off limits,' says Alpert. 'There is no safe board. There is no one who can ever say, 'Oh you can't touch this person.''

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