13 Mesmerizing Slow-Motion GIFs Of synchronised Diving

diving gif

Earlier today, we posted a guide to Olympic diving — and noticed that synchronised diving is particularly astounding.

Partners match intricate movements almost perfectly, all while soaring through the air toward a watery landing.

Nearly perfect synchronisation at the 2004 Olympic Games.

This team took the gold medal in Athens.

Slo-mo somersaults.

You can barely tell there's two divers in this shot.

Diver on the left has a slight head start.

Front somersault from the 10-meter platform.

Notice they enter the water simultaneously.

Diver on the right doesn't quite get the same arm extension.

A triple backflip.

We'd give this a high score.

What a dive looks like from water-level.

This pair even synchronizes the pre-jump preparation.

This dive just looks impossible, with all the different angles involved.

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